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    disclaimer: you need basic english skills and a normal IQ to understand

    So toxicity for me is mostly low level, but constant and in every game.

    I very very rarely have someone denying his items and running down mid.
    But every game i have people crying and blaming each other.

    I think the reason to this is the REPORT SYSTEM.

    Heres why:

    I play roaming. i noticed that almost every game my offlaner flames me, in style of "shit roamer, useless, no ganks, PA free farm gg"

    but most of the time i already killed mid once and the offlaner twice and won 2 lanes for the team.

    so i asked my self, why does he do this?

    then i realized.

    he doesnt think im bad.

    he is ancxious because he cant contest the land that hard but he gets some LH (which is good for solo off) and he maybe died once.

    He fears that the enemy safelane core will tear the team apart later, and that his team
    will blame him for it "noob offlaner feed PA!!" and will report him.

    now he cries and flames the roamer "its not my fault that maybe PA will get fat and kill you, its the roamers fault, report hil
    not me!" attention shifted.

    it doesnt matter that our sven is also free farming.

    he just wants to get sure he doesnt get blamed if we loose at the end, so he blames someone else, preemptively. this basically leads to a constant circle of player blaming eachother, to shift the negative attention away from themselves and onto someone else.

    now maybe if he coulnt get reported he wouldnt be anxcious.

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      disclaimer: you need basic english skills and a normal IQ to understand


        lol not entirely true

        Escaping the Pool

          Nope, the reason why people are toxic is because your teammates behaivior direcly affects your own game. Even if you play really good, if 1 of your teammate feeds tremendiously there is nothing you can do.

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            people blame someone, because they have a rough game and dont want anayone to notice and maybe blame and report them later, so they blame someone else preemptively.


              blunt has given one good reason why dota is toxic.


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                    OP your reason is really narrow. your basically saying the main driving force is that people dont want to be blamed/reported. lol.

                    meteor hammer

                      Even if you play really good, if 1 of your teammate feeds tremendiously there is nothing you can do.

                      typical loser attitude from a 4k account buyer

                      Potato Marshal

                        People are assholes in Dota because if you're calibrated at the proper skill level (which most people are), then their chances of winning are 90% based on the other 9 players. This is especially frustrating when matches can go on over an hour, not to mention all the pre-game crap.


                          ^ how come? Even though Blunt has autism what he said is 100% correct.


                            So much bullshit, this is simply human nature

                            It's the same in every sport.

                            Potato Marshal

                              I'm not sure how Blunt's post contradicts my post.


                                That post wasn't pointed at you but JDF8 when I was posting his post was the last post and then when I posted you posted aswell, don't act stupid please.


                                  this is a blue star only thread now.

                                  there is no toxicity on EU East server now


                                    JDF8 11 minutes ago

                                    Potato Marshal 9 minutes ago

                                    H^ 8 minutes ago

                                    *grabs popcorn*

                                    Potato Marshal

                                      I wonder if Huntard is still mad that I took a few weeks off from playing ranked a month ago. :thinking:


                                        its like eveyother sport, but dota is in internet, if it were like football, face to face, people wouldnt be that toxic with their teammates, if they still do, they ld be sacked by everyone watching them

                                        Mannered Gamer/Role Model

                                          well i just had several games where my offlaner cried and said im a noob because i didnt gank his lane and that he needs help.

                                          when in fact he was the same lvl as the safelaner and had good farm.

                                          maybd its just that people dont understand how offlane works :)

                                          at the least if i see it this way, everyone someone flames i will think
                                          "oh that poor guy he is so anxcious, lets be nice to him" which probably will win me some games

                                          Mannered Gamer/Role Model

                                            aimstrong feck off this is my thread, YOU HAVE NO POWER IN HERE YOU FOOL

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                                            meteor hammer

                                              hes not wrong that people act like assholes because they are typically dependent upon their teamates to win

                                              its just that thinking like that is stupid, "even if i play my game well there will be games where theres nothing i can do"

                                              skill shows very quickly, ive seen lvl 40 accounts with not that many games, but they have 7k mmr because a 7k player in 5k wins most of his games, garbage team or no garbage team

                                              even with my shitty micro and general inability to farm well, i have games like this, where 3 people feed relentlessly and nobody has items but i have double the damage of everyone else combined and can basically kill their whole team myself

                                              Smile Protector

                                                DOTA is only toxic if you can't use the mute feature. I am pretty easy to tilt, so when I die offlane and the enemy carry walks away with 50hp, and my teammates start spamming "Well Played!" I just mute everyone who does, and proceed as if nothing happened. They don't realize I almost killed the enemy safelaner. They don't realize I am stranded alone on the other side of the map and doing my best, getting fucked by roamers which my team doesn't have because we have a jungler. Maybe in another game I will be that jungler, but when my solo offlaner dies I won't blame him.

                                                They don't realize I want to win the game just as much as they want, and I am not feeding on purpose. They don't realize it and they don't care. But I won't fault them for that, I know it is in human nature to feel bad and need someone to blame when your offlane is being lost, even though you are the carry with a support that keeps your ass alive. I will just continue playing, try to amend for my mistakes and help win the game.

                                                It is just the fact of life, people aren't perfect, and you just do the best with what you have.

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                                                  People become toxic becouse expectations > reality.
                                                  Old story


                                                    It is just the fact of life, people aren't perfect, and you just do the best with what you have


                                                      Free game = filled with morons
                                                      Competitive game = filled with morons expecting too much
                                                      Free competitive game = ?

                                                      Dire Wolf

                                                        Because it's random strangers in a team game. Always easier to blame someone else than look at yourself. Also chances are with four teammates one of them is going to make a big mistake. Instead you need to look at how you can overcome it or not make mistakes yourself. It's much much easier to see you're offlaner feeding as an issue rather than notice how you missed a bunch of cs in safe lane and have ~40 at 10 mins. If you had ~60 maybe you can push the tower and start rotating and win anyway.


                                                          Potard Marshtard

                                                          I couldn't care less about you, you're just acting stupid and I'm saying something about it.


                                                            I always do my best. But I still wondering why'd I always face the opponent that stronger than me and my team. We didn't know how to counter and they started snowballing their heroes. If this is party, we still had a chance, but solo ranked is quietly impossible to make it through. Sometimes, I feel that everything that Valve do isn't fair. Same MMR didn't mean had same skill, right?


                                                              It's shocking that Solaire is toxic as well :happy_ti6_charm:


                                                                wherre's aFeect btw?

                                                                perdita (pos 4 practice)

                                                                  its the internet. anonimity allows people to be mean to anyone they see because there are no repercussions.


                                                                    Dota is toxic if u dont have the positive aura around you! :O


                                                                      I agree with OP. Totally true. Of course game would still be toxic because of human's nature, but not to this degree. You shouldn't be able to report If someone just played badly. I had games were I intentionally fed because I knew I would be reported anyway even if I try my best to win. System is to be blamed.



                                                                          toxic ppl are stupid nothing more.

                                                                          Sandor Clegane (The Hound)

                                                                            toxic people are either assholes cause they lost alot not cause its their nature, or
                                                                            cause they dont feel confident and secure about themselfs and their gameplay, so they worry about the reports, which takes us back to what you said, which is right
                                                                            people worry about other people cause they lil kids or teens who mommy and daddy loves them and know nothin of the real world.
                                                                            you might think its irrelevant but its true.
                                                                            dota behavior is a reflection of ones own insecurities, flaws and physiologic stat in general

                                                                            maybe i'm full of shit, idk...but thats what 24 years on this earth taught me

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                                                                            Mannered Gamer/Role Model


                                                                              did you just dare to say that solaire
                                                                              is toxic????

                                                                              gg end the world


                                                                                @JDF8 Bro that game you posted as an example is a bad example , they have crap for draft. Nothing can stop you besides a perfect 5 man chrono. Pudge and Puck are not good picks. Would of been way better off with some melee disabler. But yes if you get strong carry like a arc and enemy doesn't draft right then its a win.

                                                                                meteor hammer

                                                                                  all they have to do is solo chrono me and drop sunstrike + maybe puck or veno combo on it for most of the game, venge only got to the point where she could save me at like 35+ minutes

                                                                                  Hitler Did Nothing Wrong

                                                                                    I think the toxicity "problems" comes down to the complexity of the game and how key communication is, yet people don't seem to communicate well, often, or properly. On top of that, similar to the complexity of the game, is people have expectations for others that they feel they can do, but their ally can't do because he's not knowledgeable enough or not skilled enough.

                                                                                    If there's a Sven or TA on my team, my expectation is supports should be stacking ancients. Or if there's a Sven or TA on other team, my expectation is we should be warding the ancients so we can contest....or that we do contest when we see Sven or TA walking over to that area.

                                                                                    My expectation might be to gank a lane soon because my safelaner is getting trashed, so I tell him that, then he's off pushing the lane, making a gank much more difficult.


                                                                                    Also, it's a game of opinion -- should we dive their tower, should we keep fighting this team fight or back out, chase them, etc.? I might think we can't dive the tower so I back out, in the second or two it took me to say "back", my ally is already committed to diving....and the shit-show begins.

                                                                                    I don't party queue in Dota2, except on very rare occasions. But in Dota1, I "party-queued" with some friends (not IRL). There was 1 guy I played with specifically who basically always had the same thought process as I did, so the need for communication wasn't really necessary. It made the game a whole hell of a lot of fun because we could do wombo combos without needing to communicate, we just knew what the other was going to do. We could gank, dive towers, kite enemies, etc. without having to say "Go" or "back" or "I'm stunning now" or whatever else. It was very fluid and the coordination was very easy.

                                                                                    It's sort of like playing football (I shouldn't have to say American Football, but yes, this is what I'm talking about) where you're not allowed to talk or communicate with your teammates and can't come up with a play. It's just 11 people vs 11 people doing whatever the hell they all want to do, some of them are competent enough to catch the ball, run, etc., but many are just brain dead and don't realize they have to block so their quarterback or running back with the ball can run and not get instantly tackled.

                                                                                    Or if it were soccer (aka: peruvian football), it'd just be a bunch of people running towards the ball the entire time, never trying to get open so the guy with the ball can pass it to him.

                                                                                    Changed man

                                                                                      We are naturally competitive.
                                                                                      That is why there will always be angry people

                                                                                      Friendly player

                                                                                        CSGO is competitive right? But there's 100x less raging than in dota. I bet there's no other popular competitive game that has such toxic community as dota 2 has.

                                                                                        Changed man

                                                                                          ^ not really. Csgo can be just as toxic but voice chat and communication is MUCH more important in csgo.
                                                                                          People flaming in csgo is much less tolerated and throws the game much harder in csgo compared to Dota.


                                                                                            What does ancxious mean?

                                                                                            smoke tangos everyday

                                                                                              The game has abundant toxicity because the individual impact you can have is minimized in MOBAs compared to other game genres. When you are 500 mmr higher then the average and the enemy team trilanes you in mid and both of your supports sit afk soaking xp in the sidelanes and your team still manages to lose both those lanes, there is literally nothing you can do to win.

                                                                                              The worst part is when the supports respond with "this guy thinks he is 9k miracle" when you ask for a sentry in your lane and a temporary babysit when you are being roamed on by a riki + pudge constantly.

                                                                                              MMR is simply a numbers game, I have 70% winrate this month at 4k but games like my last one I can tell are 100% over not even 5 minutes into the game and being locked into unwinnable games for half an hour is of course going to be a toxic environment.