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General DiscussionHi guys I'm back :)

Hi guys I'm back :) in General Discussion
キリト (Dexter)

    Hey nerds I'm back and I'm the guy who started 2k = 4k discussion. Why am I telling u this? I don't know, what should u guys do now that I'm back? None of my concern :)


      im NOT care

      Suck my tiny curry dick


        Abyss Watcher(MID)

          What the fuck...


            Idc you where's
            3:triple thief
            5:the 5k jungle guy
            7:who is ywn now
            8:the at least 20 pages per reply hidden pool guy
            9:who is na+cl whats his old name
            10:what happened to han solo "undying perserverance guy"
            12:stance lee the most arrogant wr player on earth who invited ywn to a 1v1
            13:blackxzargon the 4k spec
            Pls help I feel lost

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            Jack Attack

              2. Cookie is still lurking occasionally posting
              3. So Is triplesteal
              5. I kinda miss licetea as well.
              7. Ywn is now -blank-
              13. Isn't blackxargon still around? I think he is 5k now.

              That's all the info I have for you. Daddy was a troll and had school to deal with.


                everyone realised that the good old times are gone and dead

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                  Feels really bad man


                    Dead and gone .


                      Atleast old man filthy still here


                        Na+Cl is Washed up, the guy who used to and still gives advice to Blue Stars and that 'advice' is just repeating what has been said, every single time. He also skips a lot of letters in his words because he's a very busy man.


                          PhantomRiki is and will always be the best troll.
                          Special mention to Kitrat as well


                            Bad memories are responsible for the good old times
                            - some random quote

                            rain markcawat

                              Hey nerds , open bob and vegene 😎

                              Sad man

                                top dotabuff battles

                                1. Diox vs Jacked
                                2. Cookie vs. Nightstalker Pic guy (i forgot his name)

                                Sad man

                                  also benao vs blunt


                                    who the fock are you?

                                    Sad man



                                        What about bws and benao where they at

                                        Tribo(Sad Dota Days)

                                          DanishTard where ya at