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General DiscussionHi guys I'm back :)

Hi guys I'm back :) in General Discussion
Teenage boy Friendly thou...

    Hey nerds I'm back and I'm the guy who started 2k = 4k discussion. Why am I telling u this? I don't know, what should u guys do now that I'm back? None of my concern :)

    the next lebel play

      im NOT care




          What the fuck...

          AYR (not 0 versatility pog)

            Idc you where's
            3:triple thief
            5:the 5k jungle guy
            7:who is ywn now
            8:the at least 20 pages per reply hidden pool guy
            9:who is na+cl whats his old name
            10:what happened to han solo "undying perserverance guy"
            12:stance lee the most arrogant wr player on earth who invited ywn to a 1v1
            13:blackxzargon the 4k spec
            Pls help I feel lost

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            Jack Attack

              2. Cookie is still lurking occasionally posting
              3. So Is triplesteal
              5. I kinda miss licetea as well.
              7. Ywn is now -blank-
              13. Isn't blackxargon still around? I think he is 5k now.

              That's all the info I have for you. Daddy was a troll and had school to deal with.


                everyone realised that the good old times are gone and dead

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                AYR (not 0 versatility pog)

                  Feels really bad man


                    Dead and gone .

                    AYR (not 0 versatility pog)

                      Atleast old man filthy still here


                        Na+Cl is Washed up, the guy who used to and still gives advice to Blue Stars and that 'advice' is just repeating what has been said, every single time. He also skips a lot of letters in his words because he's a very busy man.


                          PhantomRiki is and will always be the best troll.
                          Special mention to Kitrat as well


                            Bad memories are responsible for the good old times
                            - some random quote

                            rain markcawat

                              Hey nerds , open bob and vegene 😎


                                top dotabuff battles

                                1. Diox vs Jacked
                                2. Cookie vs. Nightstalker Pic guy (i forgot his name)


                                  also benao vs blunt

                                  Story Time

                                    who the fock are you?



                                      AYR (not 0 versatility pog)

                                        What about bws and benao where they at


                                          DanishTard where ya at