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    Ancient 5 player in season 1 playing only phoenix, everyone wanting to main phoenix should definitely look at some of his replays.


      ancient 5 lol

      백범 김구

        This is the guy to look at:

        ـMr. PoopyBUGhole
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          Jack Attack

            I went against this player once. Dont remember the outcome.. :p


              This is another bird spammer ( I am not a total bird spammer but I do love him alot)

              This guy also has a twitch stream I believe...

              anyways everyone needs to stop playing the bird... last thing I'd want is him to get nerfed hard. Go play your other OP meta hero's leave the bird alone..

              Yami Yugi

                well well if it isn't my favorite hero :)

                a song of ice & fire

                  Bungmangler: Phoenix is a HER :)