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General DiscussionLet's countdown 1,000,000

Let's countdown 1,000,000 in General Discussion
papito bravo

    I'll start.

    Only to prove moderators here are dead.

    Ова тема је измењена
    avenger #hippohype







            r u stupid ? this game dont have moderators or any admins , its all fraud ,every game set up.


              u said count down not count up

              Mr Niceguy

                The only valve cares is your wallet


                  For a while I'd been hearing a voice in my head saying "I want to die" but now it's Tom Jones singing "I wanna die" so it's better

                  avenger #hippohype

                    israel is not a legitimate state


                      Holocaust was a hoax.

                      kid is gone

                        u said count down not count up

                        ops just on the next level - he counts from 1 to 1mil through integer overflow


                          Seriously ! Havent seen any mod commenting around these days !


                            stay away from drugs please

                            Казакстан блядь

                              Well this derailed about as fast as the Amtrak


                                sorry I dont gay

                                Gym 5 days Rest 2 days

                                  If you want to contact the mods you can email their support email. They actually monitor it even if they don’t aleays provide a response.

                                  papito bravo

                                    I'll go for 3
                                    Lemme write an article to give some response to y'all

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                                    papito bravo

                                      @AOZAKI AOKO
                                      Ready to count 4?

                                      You're ma babe


                                      @dont flame !
                                      r u stupid? This is a bloody website, not a game.
                                      Dont flame me please.

                                      I said COUNTDOWN, please read before you reply.
                                      Not trying to be caustic :P

                                      @Steve Trevor
                                      And I care about your profile pic

                                      Don't forget to send me an invitation of your funeral

                                      @AOZAKI AOKO
                                      Your name isn't legitimate either

                                      Your must a a hoaxer

                                      @today's active lifestyles
                                      Yes, I'm beyond GODLIKE, commend me now

                                      Neither do you.
                                      Oh, you're here!

                                      Stay away from @[D2F].Mck.LFT please

                                      @B̸L̸A̸C̸K̸ M̸A̸G̸E̸
                                      I just had a ride on the merry go round
                                      It's faster, smoother, and better.

                                      Sweetheart <3
                                      I know you're into me
                                      You can have my contact if you want to

                                      I know you're also into me
                                      Go fight with Murranji
                                      He's your love rival
                                      Don't forget to bring a pokeball'

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                                        I was actually banned from typing in any thread in DB forums for a couple of days, so there is a moderator who keeps a silent watch here lmao

                                        papito bravo

                                          You must have been a bad boy

                                          No worries, a moderator won't ban someone as nice as me

                                          papito bravo

                                            I now declare war with DB moderators!
                                            Come ban me for a day to prove me wrong shitheads

                                            papito bravo

                                              More to go

                                              papito bravo


                                                Let's hit a million

                                                papito bravo


                                                  I will get this thread alive for at least a year or so

                                                  no care

                                                    TriHard 7

                                                    papito bravo

                                                      UltraHard 8

                                                      He who knows does not speak

                                                        There has to have been a moderator, to begin with, to say that there is some kind of dead moderation team.

                                                        Either that or these mods are some chill ass motherf******. Motherf****** that are chill but somehow won't let me cuss.

                                                        papito bravo

                                                          is too short (minimum is 6 characters)

                                                            Овај коментар је уклонио модератор.
                                                            papito bravo


                                                              That song is so good I didn't even read it
                                                              Your profile pic attracts me more.

                                                                Овај коментар је уклонио модератор.
                                                                papito bravo


                                                                  @△⇶!Capt. Saver⇶↛△
                                                                  You must be the moderator
                                                                  Where's the ban wand?

                                                                  papito bravo


                                                                    Please help make it a million
                                                                    I'm trying hard to reply y'll so this thread will be a wonder

                                                                    papito bravo

                                                                      12 months made a year

                                                                      Happy new year

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                                                                      keel (جامد جامد)

                                                                        friendly reminder to stay hydrated and ban PA

                                                                        papito bravo

                                                                          captain KEEL
                                                                          how did u know that I'm ethereal in the first place

                                                                          papito bravo

                                                                            is too short (minimum is 6 characters)

                                                                            papito bravo

                                                                              indians crossed the road

                                                                              papito bravo



                                                                                That song is even better and that must be the main reason I didn't read it.
                                                                                You can consider to comment 18 below
                                                                                Then I may read the song from row 1 to 2

                                                                                papito bravo


                                                                                  papito bravo



                                                                                      @op are u are girl ?
                                                                                      " @AnŦaiN
                                                                                      You're ma babe"
                                                                                      If not eww disgusting

                                                                                      He who knows does not speak

                                                                                        21 Savage

                                                                                        I made sure to add a number for this idiot above me who can't do simple shit, like most idiots of this world. It ain't nothin' new!

                                                                                        papito bravo


                                                                                          Yes you are disgusting indeed.
                                                                                          You forgot 20
                                                                                          I made sure to add a number for this idiot who can't do simple shit, like most idiots of this world. It ain't nothin' new!

                                                                                          @△⇶!Capt. Saver⇶↛△

                                                                                          Thanks for making it 21,
                                                                                          You have avoided the sarcastic panda reply.

                                                                                          Please don't sue me for using your phrase

                                                                                          papito bravo

                                                                                            is too short (minimum is 6 characters)



                                                                                              papito bravo

                                                                                                I'll add on the missing part

                                                                                                I made sure to add a number for this idiot who can't do simple shit, like most idiots of this world. It ain't nothin' new!

                                                                                                papito bravo


                                                                                                  I will make this thread surpass VIOLET's

                                                                                                  Овај коментар је измењен
                                                                                                  papito bravo


                                                                                                    Make a million comments, build a trillion wall

                                                                                                    papito bravo


                                                                                                      A brick today,
                                                                                                      A wall tomorrow,
                                                                                                      A comment today,
                                                                                                      A million tomorrow.



                                                                                                        Here's the thing. You said a "wyvern is a dragon." Is it in the same family? Yes. No one's arguing that. As someone who is a 1k MMR feeder who studies dragons, I am telling you, specifically, in dota, no one calls wyverns dragons. If you want to be "specific" like you said, then you shouldn't either. They're not the same thing. If you're saying "dragon family" you're referring to the taxonomic grouping of Varanidae, which includes things from wyverns to eldwurms to drakes. So your reasoning for calling a wyvern a dragon is because random people "call the flying lizards dragons?" Let's get gyarados and charizards in there, then, too. Also, calling someone a noob or a feeder? It's not one or the other, that's not how taxonomy works. They're both. A wyvern is a wyvern and a member of the dragon family. But that's not what you said. You said a wyvern is a dragon, which is not true unless you're okay with calling all members of the dragon family dragons, which means you'd call eldwurms, drakes, and other flying lizards dragons, too. Which you said you don't. It's okay to just admit you're wrong, you know?