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Strongest heroes in Turbo? in General Discussion

    I'm spamming turbo to improve my behaviour score and I'm curious as to what the strongest heroes are for quick, clean and fast wins.

    So far I've really enjoyed Lycan and Visage, but sometimes I get destroyed.

    What's your favorite turbo hero when you want to win?


      stormy spirit, meepo cheese bae, tusk the snowball man


        Go play dazzle keep everyone alive they'll like you in return anyways.


          mid-late game powerhouse carries are the srrongest turbo heros. medusa, storm spirit, spectre, drow, terrorblade. etc.


            lycan but not in ur bracket sadly


              Troll Warlord

              Mind Kontol

                FUck storm spirit man, he rekts drow easily

                Thara Ak-Var

                  skywrath mage


                    drow is so op. u just need to get 6 so u can farm jungle, then go for sb and dragon lance, get some ez kills and win the
                    game by your own

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                      Drow Ranger, Medusa, Spectre, Morphling.


                        drow ranger

                        Hatsune Miku



                            drow strat(real ranged heroes) is tier 2/3

                            building destroyers like lycan/np/visage/arc can solo carry the games usually

                            farmers are mostly low tier

                            those who can solo kill heroes like sky/tiny etc and control the tempo of the game are pretty good,but they fall off on some situations i think

                            storm is pretty good since his base stats are pretty op and you got your items quickly

                            Dota not fun

                              Troll Warlord


                                So far I've enjoyed Drow. Not many seem to know what to do against a drow strat in my low mmr bracket, and the few that do are rarely able to execute it.

                                Sartin Mcorsese

                                  Any late game hero like storm that can’t kill towers in normal game

                                  very indo-european

                                    just pick drow


                                      Troll and NP and a healing hero are pretty good as a combo.


                                        I play medusa and rush a divine rapier after Mask of madness and Treads, then I solo rosh, and then medusa+rapier+aegis=GG


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