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Any successful Visage players? in General Discussion

    I'm looking for some replays (preferably by top500 rank players). I want to practice this hero. I can't win with him even at 2k MMR (40% win-rate in 20 games, ). I find him really fun to play, but it's sooo hard to win for me :( I know hero is quite weak right now, but he shouldn't be that weak...

    Ова тема је измењена

      33 played lot of visage last season.


        ^I would like to see from the current one. Hero got huge nerfs.


          I used to be one a long time ago


            I need some hope guys. Plz.

            Jack Attack

              Visage still strong but no longer godlike. I used to be able to pick him no matter the matchup and still win mostly.

              mountains are merely moun...

                visage is useless as shit right now


                  the most important part about playing visage is about getting your micro hotkeys set up right
                  For example i have the logitech g502 mouse and I use one of the side buttons as tab so i can chain stun with my familiars really easily even if i am stunned (really good against shadow shamman)