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150 sa iba 143 saiyuh <3

    miracle did it, so you should.


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        I have been experimenting with it in unranked, I think mid is the best lane for it. Just needs 1-2 more slight buffs and it will be cancerous in every game I feel.

        150 sa iba 143 saiyuh <3

          just bring consumables. You'll lose the exchange on damage but you'll outlast hit most of the mid heroes.

          150 sa iba 143 saiyuh <3

            saw my friend playing mid riki. Here is the match id : 4755221777


              Riki is cool but AM mid is where its at.


                Riki offlane core is my thing

                rhynn player

                  riki era was half year ago, then followed slark, now drow


                    last time i play riki mid i stomp with 40+ kill.. pretty strong mid if played correctly... maybe