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Why so many loses in 1k?? :/ in General Discussion

    Hello there!

    So I have been "studying" Dota for a while, and I've done a lot of things the pros recommend to do like, hotkeys, itemization, all the tecnichals thing. I would like to know, what should I "study" now to improve my skills? Once I see it's not that hard to get out 1k for the most players but I still here...


      I was stuck in guardian for a long time when I came back to play after a long time away. Guardian is the worst because people don't care about roles or don't really know what the roles mean. Mechanically I feel 1k and 2k not much difference. So the thing that got me out of 1k is 'sacrifice'.

      1. If you queue mid and some asshole who queued support wants it. Give it to him and you become support for the game.
      2. If you are mid and no one wards and buy sentries, you do it. That's how I started playing windranger. Jack of all trades, can kill up to mid game even with only a javelin. Sometimes I end up with the highest kills even with only a maelstrom cos I bought all the sentries and wards. My Winrate on the hero is low though...cos it's my go-to hero when I have a 3-4 carry team or supports with 0 stuns like pudge and mira.
      3. If u queued safelane and you see your offlane picking a carry, pick a tank.
      4. If you are support, ward, pull and stack...don't save your money for blink cos u want some kills, use it for sentries a glimmer first. Even when u are support, you will notice most games your hard support won't be buying sentries at guardian. If you do it, your team's chances of winning goes up a bit.

      You won't win all your games, but you will win some that would have been lost if you hadn't sacrificed. Keep doing it till you get to 1.8-1.9k. From there, the people start sticking to roles. Good luck buddy. Been's hell and I have a consistent 10k BS.

      P.S. don't waste time trying to 'teach the guy a lesson'. You might get him reported and sent to low prio but you'll lose the game and be stuck there forever. And there's no shortage of these types of assholes there, because hey...get one sent into low prio and they'll be 10 to replace them.

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      pissfuck shitass gaytard

        Because 1K is a shithole where people are SOMEHOW allowed to report each other and where every match is 50+ minutes long
        At this point just stick to 3 heroes, try to master them as much as you can and spam them on a new account


          You should probably play less turbo more ranked if you want to go up in mmr ;)

          Skills i'd personally focus on if I were you, would be last hitting. Go empty lobby and dont miss a single cs without pushing the lane forward

          Personally i'd avoid playing invoker, the hero isnt that good right now imo.. and in a low mmr bracket i'd assume the teamwork to execute such a hero just isn't there.

          Also your itemization is definitely off. Maybe watch a pro game with the hero you have in mind and see their items + farming patterns.

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          AD.GokU™ |

            Try this if you really want to climb(worked for me, from 1.5k to 3.4k and climbing).
            This is a very slow process, and has few rules.
            1) Keep playing till you lose.
            2) Stop playing when you lose.(it's very hard, but build the mental discipline to let go). I went down from 3.7k to 2.7k because i didn't follow this rule, now i'm again back at 3.4k after 1 month.
            3) Matchmaking works like this- 40% games are free wins, 40% games are free losses, 20% games are where your impact matters.- Play all games as if they are the 20%, and then follow the points 1 and 2.
            4) Watch pro guides on laning, ganking, itemisation etc.
            5) If you lose your 1st game for more than 2 weeks, analyse your own games, change your playstyle, watch youtube guides to improve on your weaknesses.
            6) Don't waste your time and energy, arguing during the game. Just report and come out.
            7) Also, understand this, THE ONLY REASON YOU ARE STUCK AT LOW MMR IS BECAUSE OF YOURSELF. If you have a sniper with dagon on your team, chances are enemy has a lich with basher on their team. Just don't be that lich or sniper and you will climb.

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              8) Play turbo to relax, or reset. Try harding in turbo is not gonna achieve you anything. Try new heroes, practise the timing of the new heroes, and in general enjoy the turbo games.


                If you are 1 k, that means you dont even know what spells of every hero do, you probably forget to use items and make stupid builds not to mention reflexes of a granny.

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                pissfuck shitass gaytard

                  ^that's a bullcrap cliché
                  even in my sub1K mmr account there's people using smoke I kid you not

                  AD.GokU™ |

                    ^^ do they make those plays consistently, every game???
                    Major difference between a low skilled player and a high skilled player is consistency.
                    There's a massive difference between using 1-2 smoke once every 5 games vs using smokes on correct timing every game, or similar examples with skill usage, stacking, ganking etc,
                    Wanna know the most common and astoundingly retarded play in low skill games??
                    All players will put their lives on line for the 00:00 bounty rune, but then won't even give any fucks about any runes throughout the game. They will only take runes if they are near it or are walking by it.
                    In high skill brackets, support players look at timers, and start preparing for runes 10-15 secs before they spawn, and on the way even stack for their cores. How many times as a core, have you stacked a camp intentionally while farming it?? How many times have you planned plays based on the timer?? How many times have you planned your rotation so that when you are going to other lane, you will be able to stack atleast 1 camp on your way?? The players are rotting in low mmr for a reason. The more I climbed, the more I saw through each bracket. First step to climbing, is to acknowledge that you suck.

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                    pissfuck shitass gaytard

                      dude calm your tits you are just a 4000 hours 3k player who had to spam spectre to get his medal