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    Let's make a list of all the lane crusher hard support:
    - Undying
    - Bane

    Who else?

    parmaviolets (on holiday)

      Undying is not a hard support, nor does he crush lanes if the enemy team knows what they are doing. Lane domination is more to do with strong counter drafts and hero combinations that it is with singular heros. Take Timbersaw for instance. I could say that Timber is generally regarded as a lane dominator, but what if you face high magic burst damage or counter counters in lane? Same can be said for most heros. In my experience the heros which dominate the offlane as supports are the ones that best tilt the enemy carry or deny them farm through movement restrictions and pressurising spells. In this sense I honestly believe Ancient Apparition, Pugna, Dark Willow and Venomancer to be the single most annoying heros in the game to lane against as a carry. These heros all have a long range to harrass you from, irritating slows or disables, relatively spammable nukes and strong zoning spells that force you away from creeps. I find them far more annoying than classic tanks like Bristleback, Centaur and Undying.

      Honourable mentions also to Abaddon, Necrophos, Ogre Magi and Bounty Hunter, these are all heros which have strong lane phases regardless of drafts and can be a nuisance to lane against.

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        In addition to your list
        I'd say
        - jakiro
        - phoenix
        - venomancer (i have good success with him before the gpm talent is removed, not sure how is he now)
        - ogre magi

        notable mentions
        - shadow shaman
        - silencer

        Legend Of The Night

          +parma apart from centaur part ^^

          Now with 20% more Racism

            Dual lane with batrider and another slow is a NIGHTMARE for them unless they got hard stuns or counters against you

            and currently beastmaster absolutely curbstomps the support5 unless he really knows how to harass and zone him out


              Just pick chen/ench against beast and see whos gonna harrass who.
              1k hp boar. The balanced

              Now with 20% more Racism

                That fucking works and it adds hp? What the fuck is this game


                  Dude i afk many games when enemies just picked ench chen against my first pick beast.
                  That shit is broken and i dont see any reason to try that hard for a piece of shit on pos 5 who refuses to pick his shitty lich on first phase

                  Also it adds the dmg aswell =))

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                    I like treant with drow combo alot




                        I would say Undying, Treant, Ench, Bane

                        Undying is totaly free farm for carry most of the time.


                          Skywrath, Jakiro, Ogre, Undying, AA, Earthshaker vs melees. I also hate laning vs fucking Lina cause of the huge attack range.


                            SkyWrath , Undying vs Str offlaners.
                            Dazzle is also situationally a good one too.


                              Techies . For the enemy carry ofc .

                              Uninstall Dota

                                Lol, I can counter all those heroes you mentioned with my Grim.




                                    Furion all the way


                                      your medal is all the problem


                                        .@ Earthshaker is a lane dominator ?? LMFAO




                                            It’s very dependent on match up. I high doubt you can consistently crush lane as any Support.

                                            Except Ogre Magi. Fuck this son of a bitch.


                                              @ReHa ES vs melees is. In that case ofc you don't max fissure but 2nd/3rd skill


                                                Undying does crush lanes in low mmr games, lich is good as well


                                                  I would say that it depends on the hero you are playing with. If you pick WD with some burst damage+stun (luna, sven, CK, MK, Gyro), you force enemies out of lane on lvl 3. Because anytime somebody comes, they die. If you have AM/Spectre, you are pretty much useless in the lane and you just try to help carry.

                                                  Same goes for dazzle+slow (PA,Drow, WK, spectre) - it is great to get kills and force enemy to move away. But with some weak carry you just try to help a bit.

                                                  Thats whats annoying about firstpicking support - you pick something and your carry picks something, that doesnt work at all with it - you pick babysiter and they pick aggressive carry. You pick aggresive support and they pick afk farmer.


                                                    those things are just not true, u can play defensive with both dazzle and wd, both heals are good for playing on a defensive lane. thats why you are better off picking 5's who can either do both, or learning how you can play defensive sustain lanes with aggressive supports by pulling and trading regen with the enemy. not everything in lane is about kills. thinking abt lanes as "dazzle + am" is literally useless is super dumb.