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    the one when it ask u "did u enjoy this match?" what does it means actually. i mean, does answering certain questions will "affect" ur incoming matchmakings? if i do say i didnt enjoy cause of blablabla, will i have a better teammates?

    flourishing new leaf

      If you dont answer you get low priority. They put the blame on you. Not kidding. That’s the level dota «psychologists» are at.


        Pretty sure it just 'helps' the people at Valve refine the matchmaking algorithms.

        If you dont answer you get low priority

        You are in low priority because you are a toxic mentally ill spastic, not because you didnt answer Valve's question.

        stuck in a monday

          Thank you benao! I will certainly vote as I do not want low priority!


            im not sure if they customize matchmaking per player/ per group/ or as a whole but things changed for me with voting i guess. in first days i was getting matched in highly varied games but after some point it stopped and only thing i did was disliking highly varied games i guess.

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