In Defence of the "Bad" FacetsBy KawaiiSocks on

There are bad, statistically game-losing Facets and there are “bad” hero facets. The ones that receive mockery, while technically being decent in some scenarios. Today we are going to go over facets that we feel get underserved hate and analyse how and when they can be the better option.

Facets that Desperately Need a BuffBy KawaiiSocks on

The facet mechanic is very interesting, but it is going to take a while before it matures into what we feel Valve envisioned. Currently, many heroes have a “weak” and a “strong” facet, as opposed to having two distinct situational options. Today we are going to look into some of the most egregious examples of this and share our opinion on why they are underwhelming.

7.36c First ImpressionsBy KawaiiSocks on

We didn’t have to wait long for a new Dota patch right after TI qualifiers. There were definitely some balance issues in the game and from the looks of it, most of them were addressed. We are going to highlight some of the biggest patch changes and try to guess what it means for the meta.

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TI Qualifiers Meta Highlights — EEU and SABy KawaiiSocks on

We continue analysing high level Dota to highlight some interesting fresh ideas. EEU and SA are two regions where games are highly chaotic and aggressive and it definitely shows in their draft and build preferences. Some of their ideas are a return to classics, while some are brand new, but all of them should be easily usable in your everyday pubs.

TI Qualifiers Meta Highlights — CN and NABy KawaiiSocks on

I got to watch (and even cast) some of the International qualifiers and there are many interesting new ideas to explore. Some of them seemed extremely dependent on good teamplay and high levels of coordination, while some can be easily used in pubs. Today we are going to look at the latter group

Nerfs We are Waiting ForBy KawaiiSocks on

The new patch is an absolute treat for players and theorycrafters, but it will definitely take some work before it can be considered balanced. Today we are going to highlight heroes and aspects that are in desperate need of attention from the balancing team. Not only are they undeniably strong, they are also quite frustrating to play against, making for prime nerf candidates. Incidentally, they are also some of the easiest heroes to gain MMR on.

New and improved hero and facet stats!By Camcorder on

Today we're pleased to release the first in a series of major updates to Dotabuff, starting with new and improved hero and facet statistics! Read on to learn more about this update and others we expect to deliver in the coming weeks and months.

Crownfall Act II First ImpressionsBy KawaiiSocks on

The new patch is ridiculously big. In fact, it is so huge it took us two days of non-stop Dota to form an initial impression. Turns out, there are way too many things to discuss and analyse to fit into a single blog post, so instead we are going to highlight some of our most interesting and surprising findings.

Understanding Attack Speed and DPSBy KawaiiSocks on

There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to Attack Speed and DPS. For some reason most players heavily lean towards larger damage numbers when it comes to DPS optimisation and while there are reasons for it, it is not always optimal. Today we would like to spend some time diving into Dota 2 AS and DPS mechanics and clear some misunderstandings related to them.

More Fun Ideas to TryBy KawaiiSocks on

The gameplay patch isn’t here yet, but it doesn’t mean we have to sit around and complain. It is very unlikely any one player has exhausted the full depth of what Dota has to offer even without any external changes, so today we would like to highlight some extra fun ideas and interactions you could try out to mix up your pubs.

Fresh Ideas from ESL One BirminghamBy KawaiiSocks on

Despite being played on the tried and tested 7.35d, ESL One Birmingham came with a couple of interesting pocket strats to try out and toy with. They aren’t necessarily a great fit for everyday pubs and neither are they game-breakingly overpowered, but they are definitely a lot of fun to discuss and analyse. That’s exactly what we are going to do today.

Fun Ideas to Try with FriendsBy KawaiiSocks on

We aren’t sure when the patch is coming, but it does feel like it is a bit too late to discuss the meta or the best heroes to play in Ranked. So today we are going to do something different. Today we are going to highlight some fun and somewhat stupid interactions to try in casual, unranked pubs.

Supports Who Could Use a BuffBy KawaiiSocks on

The current support gameplay is exceptionally rewarding. The impact both position four and five supports can have on the game extends far beyond the laning stage and far beyond simple saves and disables. There are some supports, however, who really don’t fit into the current meta and could really use a buff or two.

Carries Who Could Use a BuffBy KawaiiSocks on

There are very few overpowered heroes in the current patch: outside of pro-scene Chen, the current patch is very well balanced. That said we feel some heroes are quite heavily underpowered and as a result they are not played professionally and have limited usefulness in pubs. So today we are going to discuss heroes who desperately need a buff.

7.35d ImpressionsBy KawaiiSocks on

The new patch introduced some small, but key changes to the game. It might not be a complete meta overhaul, but the effects are noticeable and today we would like to take a look at the biggest winners and losers of the current patch and how it influenced the overall pub environment.

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