Esports Come to Dotabuff

Not every game community can boast that it has more prize money than active players. With a $10 million prize pool for TI4 we wanted to release a stretch goal of our own - a better esports stats experience. Today we're proud to announce the launch of Dotabuff Esports. Here are a few of our favorite features:

League Analysis

TI4 League Analysis

See event specific hero statistics, records, and compare players to decide who the MVP should have been. We also divided up Leagues into Events for tournaments with various different segments. The International 4 is divided up by multiple qualifiers all the way up to the main event. You can see Pick and Ban stats for only one part or the entire league. Check out just the ESL One Frankfurt 2014 Event!

Player Pages

Arteeze is popular

Now you can find player pages that were made for just Esports. Examine how multiple teams pick against certain players. See which players are the most popular and dig deep into fantasy stats. There are only 8 days left to pick your TI All-Stars so make it count!

Team Pages

Invictus Gaming

Understand just how many subs teams have used in their lifetime. How powerful does a team become when they can draft their signature heroes?

Fun fact: In addition to an 0-5 losing streak against Evil Geniuses, Nav'i only has a 46.43% win rate this month. Are they holding back before The International?

Also, did you know that Evil Geniuses boasts a lifetime win rate of 83.33% for matches under 20 minutes, but only has a 42.62% win rate for matches between 50-60 minutes? Sounds like throws-o-clock to me.

Live Match Tracking

Dotabuff Esports

Never know which matches are live or just ended? Annoyed that the stream never looks at items? Want to see something really quick without having to toggle camera modes in game? Or are you just out running errands and want to see if your favorite team is performing since you decided to bet every hat you owned? Live match tracking keeps you in the loop.

This is a work in progress - and you should expect to see some additions soon. We've put in a special effort to make sure everything is mobile friendly so that you're never out of the game. Just bookmark and use it from any mobile device.

We hope you're as excited as we are about Esports and can't wait to see how the community uses this new resource. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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    What does player's popularity mean?


      We track a lot of player and team related metrics on Dotabuff. Popularity combines a few of them to determine the public interest in a player or team.


        That looks great! Now I won't have to scrounge around the internet to find out when games are going to be played.


          Xboct 3. by popularity? Really? O.o :S


            so many ads BibleThump
            add twitch emoticons pls


              this is a very well done addition to dotabuff. one question though, why is navi's popularity 100%? they're on a slump right now!


                What exactly is popularity ??


                  Awesome... Well done, Dotabuff!


                    But I saw some mistakes. For instance, I searched DK in match list and some matches shown has no DK, even in Ban list.


                    Jʌy Δshʙoʁnɘ

                      I really like this addition, pretty sure we needed something like this to track the performance of players in tournament. Thanks!

                      Edit : Also, just going to note, this "Sky blue" color that you guys are using here, I think is a much better color than the green.

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                        Can you please add statistics for heroes in picked in professional matches? Picks per patch, win rates, item popularity, etc... Doesn't seem like this would be difficult to implement.


                          way cool, but please make a filter by lague status (Premium, Pro, Amat) within "Matches"

                          Yotaru Senpai

                            so smart! i also thought to make one, but really thank you!

                            PS: no, not really look like this

                            Овај коментар је измењен

                              I wish you could hire Cyborgmatt. Dotabuff is so much better then ongamers.

                              Le Vicaire Saoulfou

                                Since when is xboct a 3 and not a 4?



                                  PSHortS. WEEB

                                    Very nice


                                      can u guys add bracket info


                                        Why is hero pick popularity not in it? Seems like the technology is there since there is that stat for pubs. Most interesting competitive stat is hero's pick/ban percentage.


                                          I am rank 97 popularity in E-sports in the world on DotABUFF.
                                          Cool to know that. ^^

                                          Although I'm not sure how it works, so can someone give me some information about it?
                                          How is popularity calculated? Profile clicks & stuff?