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    Was losing for 45 minutes with score of like 45:5? Then won 1 teamfight when enemy team was pushing down our ancient, then counter pushed and pushed their all mid towers + ancient in literally 2 minutes, with terrorblade. He is so imba this patch.


      Unbalanced? Terrorblade is so easy to kill. Necrophos on the other hand is still completely unbalanced with that scepter upgrade.

      Sky ranger

        Terrorblade is really easy to gank before he gets his manta and skadi. An average pub will probably only farm those two items about 40+ which gives you a LOT of time to go and kill him. If you are a TB player like me who gets around 10 cs/ min, you should get those at 25-30

        Perpetual Padawan

          If you only get your skadi at 40 minutes on average, you shouldn't be playing TB. At least not in ranked till you learn how to play him. There will always be those games where you're driven back to your base and have to turtle with somewhat slower farm, but provided I have a manta, I can almost always do a massive amount of base defense with just the TB illusions.

          And if you're shut down that hard, seriously consider a talisman of evasion before finishing skadi. The evasion can let your illusions survive longer when cutting creepwaves and farming out from under your opponents noses.

          Steve Balboni

            5th omg so nice


              If you're 45:5 and still don't win or save money for buyback, it's your own problem dude.

              先生 OMI

                Necro is just too imba.

                *FarizTampan99 2nd

                  45 : 5 but that TB is fat , its a problem too


                    I personally think that Necro's Reaper's Scythe is overshadowing the current imbalance of Heartstopper Aura, being Negative HP Regeneration instead of actual damage that CAN be negated makes it such that the only way to counter it is with HP Regen items. I have died so many times to Heartstopper Aura in pubs already it's getting bloody annoying, and it is extremely effective against Armlet-Toggling heroes like Lifestealer, Wraith King, occasionally Legion Commander and Sniper etc. Huskar is also killed easily by Heartstopper Aura. I really believe that the aura is being overlooked quite a bit here.

                    dón kíj-

                      if he were that crazy that would pick him in progames but he barely is ever picked


                        tb will wipe your team once he gets manta+skadi. Thats just 20-25 minutes


                          Tb has only one slow and no stun, anyone with a working escape mechanism can pretty much spit in tbs face and get out for free. Tb's dps completely done with his right clicks, in early mid game , either himself nor his illusions can live long enough to do their job. and about flash farm unless tb build a radiance he won't out farm flash farm carries like am or naga or even Luna if there were stacks, yet these guys offer way more than tb and mostly importantly safer. So I think tb is balanced at least after the nerf, a good ganker can shut him down(slark: u can't swap what u can't c~). And he can still be outcarried by harder carries, like spectre.

                          dón kíj-

                            maybe give terrorblade a 2.5s stun if he hits 3 basic attacks on the same target


                              srsly being able to escape tb is considered a counter now?

                              I H8 IRL ✪

                                Look at the profiles of people saying Necrolyte is OP and TB is bad, they are all in the "high skill bracket" which is just 3500~ mmr.

                                *FarizTampan99 2nd

                                  seriously tb 20-25 minutes manta + skadi ? its 4950 + 5675 = 10625 , not included , pt + bracer + bracer/ring aquila
                                  are u rush manta + skadi without other item ?
                                  if we included pt + bracer + bracer before manta = 1400 + 525 + 525 = 2450 its the chepest item for tb
                                  total u got 13075 in 20-25 minutes mark -> its almost 3 radiance (not included town portal u sometime to buy)
                                  u can get recruited by professional team in ur country

                                  i bet that tb happy farming from the start of the game
                                  no one even scratch him , or sent him to base with low hp from the start of the game
                                  or enemy team is kind enough to say "ok let that tb free farm , so we can make him sad when he is very fat"
                                  plus theres a lot of hero to counter tb , his illusion easily to destroy now , especially when he still has low hp

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                                  LESBIAN WEREWOLF

                                    I have found a fast blink dagger to be one of the most effective items on TB, moreso than an early Yasha, allowing for kills almost as soon as you get it due to the blink+ult+Q combo, as well as an escape from ganks. I am surprised I have never seen anyone other than myself pick it up. There are games where getting 2250 gold straight after treads is a challenge and it is easier to get a Yasha, but I still feel it is massively undervalued on the hero.

                                    Gacha Player

                                      20-25 min = pt, aquila, manta, skady; is normal for a good TB player


                                        They think they will free farm with TB till 30-40 to get Skadi and Manta ROFL .. Enemy team is so dumb ? xD


                                          TB is easily counter-picked with good AOE damage dealers such as Earthshaker. early to mid game. Especially at competitive pubs where most offlaners kills him due to his relatively small base HP.


                                            Anyone know how to get around 200 cs as a TB at 20-25 minutes mark?


                                              farm jungle with illusions