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    I've never thought about that for killing Rosh, thanks for the tip! also the Eul's combo seems insane.


    oh, woah, I think I was the first comment. weird.

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    Stone Cold Steve Austin

      Dagon is seldom a good choice.
      Definitely not an Oracle item.

      Perry The Platypus Plumber

        Played a match yesterday with Oracle as carry.
        I understood his power.


          I don't think this hero needs to be touched besides the cool down of False Promise. Other than that, it's a nice utility hero that provides a variety of skills and that's why I enjoy the hero.


            As you said, the hero will have difficulties in the trench and his win rate won't really rise or differ from the one you are seeing now, Haven't seen carry Oracle in any of my games yet, Rarely had her on my team, Played against her a lot and one thing is for sure, She's annoying as fuck to play against if the player knows what he's doing.


              Seriously, butterfly on oracle ? Building a hero core doesnt mean going agility carry items.


                Oracle is a support hero . Playing Carry as oracle is a bad idea meanwhile you already got carry in the team

                Florence Pudge

                  @irotix any proof? Or just refusal to think outside the box?

                  *FarizTampan99 2nd

                    thank for this article , i dont know if oracle 100 game+ can have 60% win rate in very high skill bracket ranked match
                    its huge win rate

                    congrats for ur oracle carry
                    i want to apologize first before i type more
                    that match dont have "skill bracket" so ur build effective against "lower than normal skill bracket" enemy
                    but i dont know about very high skill bracket
                    plus that TB abandoned n only have those item

                    better pt(agi 38% aspd)+orchid(30% aspd)+domi+skadi(25% aspd)+hex(late game bkb only last 5 sc)+daeadalus if u want oracle carry
                    please dont waste 1,4 BAT on her

                    with domi + ult -> ur lifesteal 40% + amplify physical 50% -> it means ur lifesteal can boost to 60% when skill 2 active (150*40%)
                    +5 armor +20 damage , oracle has low armor , can help u survive -> when u ult and enemy have detection for u
                    orchid + ult(invis) in early game can give a dead shock even without blink dagger , not included 30% amplify damage from orchid
                    skadi is rather a hp boost 725 HP, 25 damage, 25 attack speed, 3.5 armor(oracle low armor), so u can still survive after ur ulti duration
                    (u are carry , u dont trust ur allies carry right , so u ulti urself :v)

                    butterfly is very good if enemy main dps is physical and dont have MKB , 60% aspd is insane , but u wasted 30 damage from butter
                    but the only thing u really want from butter is 35% evasion right ? its huge

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                    Mr Mackey

                      to those questioning the legitemicy of dagon on oracle, it allows you to instant kill anyone who drops below 570hp. think of it as a ranged axe dunk that doesn't pierce bkb


                        How in the hell do you target someone who is up in the air cuz of Euls?


                          @Verlink - ҉҈҉҈҈҉҈҉҈҉҈҉҈҉҈҉҈ ???????


                            trash hero, annoying ultimate though.

                            Dwayne Vrock Johnson

                              The hero is going to receive nerfs before his CM mode launch. Anyone who thinks otherwise is fooling themselves about how good this hero is at keeping people alive.

                              Dosh Ex Machina

                                This guy is great as a defensive support, but he pairs really well with an aggressive lane. He excels in a solo exp lane too, especially mid, as he gets levels which works for his amazing burst combo, but also the appropriate mana items to support constant use of spells, and there always is a use for them.

                                Mek and Urn are decent, yes, but if an Oracle just goes for Brown Boots and goes straight to Eul's scepter afterwards, you really can't go wrong. The fact it has such a high winrate on an otherwise poor winrate hero whilst being a non-luxury item says alot, he loves extra movement speed to help with positioning, he loves mana, and the active is just fantastic when it has such direct synergy with his skills. It's absolutely core and the stats back it up.


                                  Oracle is a very intersting hero with his W (my most favorite) since it disarm the enemy carry + increase physician damage on them. As well as working so good on Roshan with fast cd. And the interesting thing is. If you use it on your allies and use the heal (E) then you wont take any magical damage from the skill and can still be healed. So pretty much imba.


                                    @Matislav yeah good job stealing all your teams farm and extending the game to 70 minutes 4v5


                                      I played oracle a lot in Dota All Stars long before I played Dota 2.
                                      If Volvo nerf his strength gain and base health and Rework his stupid Silence + Damage Amplify skill. I would pick him definitely.


                                        Oh btw, Great people from Dota WC3 usually gets Euls scepter > Desolator. Perfect synergy with his shitty 2nd skill.


                                          @Matislav dat critshaker tho


                                            Oracle is a hero, which pretty much functions at any role.
                                            but he is way better when u play him a carry with high dps


                                            Dagon may be good early game, but pretty much falls out of the roll lategame.

                                            If playing support, go for: Mek, Pipe, Bloodstone, Travels, Dagon, E-Blade

                                            If played as a Carry, go for; Mask of Madness, Deadalus, Divine (if u got enough cash, and ur ultimate prevents u from dropping it near the enemy terrítory so u can pick it up if u die),

                                            Shadowblade (yes i know this sounds dumb but is pretty good since when the enemy uses smoke and you activate shadowblade, they see you and then you just use your ultimate and the debuff from smoke is purged and u are invisible again),

                                            Mjolnir/Skadi/ Butterfly/ Abyssal Blade, and like on any other hero BKB too.

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                                            Banho dos Campeões

                                              I played few games using Oracle on mid lane and I'm sure Oracle can be a great solo mid role, not only a support, at least on this patch.

                                              He has a excelente BAT/Animation, attack/cast range, a good base damage and level 5 using Purifying Flames + Fortune's End + Purifying Flames can cause about 500 damage, so why not playing with this hero on mid and get level 6 fast?

                                              Oracle is fucking broken, almost any item build can work on him but I still prefer a utility build like Boots + Urn + Force/Mek/Atos + Vyse/Ghost Scepter/Dagon.

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                                              Le Proviseur

                                                supporting alone all the way, and still best kdr :D


                                                  Am I the only one who thinks dagon is a good item for oracle?

                                                  Poot Hoel Khe-Lee

                                                    @Pinecone Fairylights
                                                    normal skill bracket...

                                                    me ooga team booga

                                                      atos is a great pick up on oracle, the long range slow lets you channel q longer because when they see you casting it they will just run

                                                      i always max w second because 6 seconds of disarm against a right clicker is amazing

                                                      Erich Eichelberg

                                                        in no way he is gonna become a rightclicker. mb something along the lines of orchid wielder. but he is better as a support. being core means you can get easily focussed and eliminated. as support you can save your cores from nearly everything.


                                                          I play Oracle solo-mid. I won the first 11 out of 11 games before finally losing, partly due to the fact my opponents are unfamiliar with my hero, but nevertheless I'd say it is quite a feat. Oracle's long range means you can harass and last hit very well against your opponent. Harass a bit with Fortune's End and right-clicks until you can easily seal the kill with a level 2 or level 3 Purifying Flames. I have favoured rushing an Orchid after boots and bottle over getting a Eul's, but I do suffer from mobility. I get 1 level in Fate's Edict after getting level 2 Fortune's End just for its utility, but I max it last. Heroes don't do enough damage until later on in the game for Fate's Edict to reach its full potential while the other two skills reach maximum potential earlier in the game and taper off. Once you reach level 6, you have good gank potential to initiate silently by using Fortune's End while invisible. They literally don't see it coming until it is too late.

                                                          Other items I get are Treads, Mjollnir, BKB and Guinsoo.

                                                          FUCK THIS

                                                            I'd just like to point out that Oracle is a Male hero yet everyone is referring to HIM and a SHE or HER.