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Greygrey the Sailor

    I absolutely agree that success in the tournaments would effect the lower level play such as pubs. "If it is shown to work against pros that have been playing for years, why shouldn't it work for me?"


      i prefer jugger pickers that pudge pickers......... Kappa

      good blog


        mamku ebal! Abama abizyana ! Eto vse zagovor 4to bi nabrat' klassi! Ne ver'te pindosam! Slava rusi!


          Small correction, it was the second most kills in 10 mins at DAC, not first most.


            Axe has made me go on a Dota 2 strike lately after causing me enough grief and damaging my fucking monitor. Seriously, there better be some MAJOR and I mean MAJOR nerfs to some Axe. No more creep cutting, no more spamming beserker call, none of that shit should've ever happened.

            Road to new losing streak

              Jugg pickers are worse than Pudge pickers. They think that being op with that hero means they are good at Dota, but cmon', who won't be good with a hero that has Magic inmune, Heal, Crits and Invulnerability? Hope Volvo nerfs him next patch.


                Yeah, I just had about 3 games today, 2 of them had jugg in the other team and 1 Axe in our team. I lost all games with jugg in it. Guess I'll be calling a break from DotA until this filth is nerfed back again to acceptable levels and hopefully that happens sooner than later.

                I'm sick of this shit, it's stupid and ruins the fun of the game.

                Barons of Baltimore

                  Big baby.


                    You are all fucking noobs...You think everyone who picks pudge sucks....Cause its the 2nd most picked hero this period after jugg and most players are bad with him....But before you blame someone for picking pudge wait to see him play...and then Judge retards.....


                      I see most players here play low skilled is why your opinions are not correct...maybe you should try League of legend...

                      LESBIAN WEREWOLF

                        to be fair, i saw na'vi play warlock mid the other day, tried to copy it in a 3.2k match and this happened i think as long as you understand a hero's strengths and weaknesses fully and be open-minded enough to adapt your build, you can try to copy pro players in pubs and have a better chance of getting away with it.

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                          Gonna milk this Jugg thing for my MMR haha
                          Made me 3 k MMR now Thks Valve and Icefrog

                          LESBIAN WEREWOLF

                            also kunka




                              I don't know why people asking for Jugg/Axe/Troll nerf (or the Unholy Spinity, if you will). I've seen so many people failed at playing Jugg/Axe successfully just because they think they are invulnerable to damage and didn't think that their opponent won't counter such pick.

                              Pub nowadays are at least more tryhard than it used to be, Jugg and Axe only need minor nerf if there's any, no need for major nerf. I didn't pick these heroes as much as other people since I love to counter it more than picking it.

                              There's a reason why Sniper was buffed in recent patch while people crying OP for those 3 heroes

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                              Ser Ragealot

                                1/1/1 Juggernaut with Mom 1st appeared in western dota scene right before chrismas 20/12/2014 by Team Secret, resp. Kuroky. I remember it very well.

                                me ooga team booga

                                  troll was always good and op in certain line ups but he has severe kiting issues if hes silenced

                                  axe falls off like a brick if you dont feed him early game in the laning stage

                                  jug is annoying but easy to counter with euls/ghost scepter/eblade, make sure you kill the healing ward because it heals a lot of health


                                    nerferino juggerino plserino


                                      "I attribute Juggernaut's MoM-Crit build to the Chinese competitive scene, where it was used during iLeague. The Western scene first witnessed it in CDEC vs VPP at D2L last month"

                                      You need to watch more games! Pretty sure the idea came about much earlier. Jug saw a lot of play in XMG captains mode where at the time, PA was considered one of the best carries, and Kuroky played juggernaut as what was then considered a kind of poor man's PA.

                                      Here you go:
                                      Seeing as how he prioritized stats so heavily one can argue it's not the exact same thing, (but the CDEC also prioritizes stats over the crit so theres that..)

                                      Regardless, the idea has been around for much longer than a mere month. Infact, the January 13th 6.83b patch was on January the 13th, which nerfed the omni slash range somewhat, adressing the trending pick already then.

                                      Edit; I see match was already linked. Still a somewhat awkward thing to write though, "attribute" it to the chinese competitive scene last month? That's like saying the chinese competitive scene is lagging behind by a month or more!

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                                        Always amuses me that "professionals" are years behind the actual innovators in high level pubs.



                                          omfg stop it with pros developing builds for pubs... it's the other way around... Jugernaut MoM has been around for years, Still remember playing that OP shit back in dota 1 like 4 years ago, same with SF euls and force staff.


                                            ^ Exactly.

                                            Tai sabaki

                                              You are over analyzing.
                                              What happened was that after endless buffs his attack speed got to a point where you can't manfight him anymore.
                                              WITHOUT ANY ITEMS:
                                              He moves fast
                                              he attacks insanely fast
                                              he has massive crits
                                              he has magical immunity
                                              has a strong AOE percentage based heal
                                              and oh and go figure he can instakill you from 450 range while being invulnerable.
                                              This is izzy katka for anyone sporting a brain.
                                              He's so reliant on the attack speed buffs that I can guarantee you if he gets nerfed back to 1.7 BAT no one will pick him anymore.


                                                pubs can "copy" but i still believe theres never a "broken" hero.

                                                its still a PEBKAC


                                                  i used to hate jugg when i started(like first 50 games) but his voicelines and stomping power mad me regret those days but he's become almost as cancer as pa is

                                                  Don't Ban SF

                                                    I pick jugg ,get milked with ominiknight D;


                                                      I dont understand why you would pick shadow fiend and build eul's. Is that a new trend?


                                                        ^ its for sure kill. you use euls on enemy then requim right on his face.

                                                        LESBIAN WEREWOLF

                                                          ^its also super hard and only worth it for big lulz


                                                            I agree to you. I always get flamed when I pick the Axe. What people dont know is that I pick Axe snice i play Dota and he aktually is my most played Hero. This red beast was my first pick in a Dota match, so I have a special connection with him....


                                                              Great article. So cool to see this stuff. Seems almost poetic.


                                                                The idea of MoM was in the mind of many jugg players for a while, the real innovation is the skill build
                                                                I've started to play with MoM as core item on Jugg 8 month ago with 6.81b.


                                                                  1 bkb to rule that sf that all

                                                                  Transdimensional Relaxador

                                                                    wow you guys are so salty, DotA is still fun you know

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                                                                      there's not much we can do now, except sit back, pick Shadow Fiend, and build Eul's.


                                                                        I figured they introduced Winter Wyvern as a direct counter to jug. All of her abilities can effectively shut down everything he might throw at you.


                                                                          He will be balanced if they put his BAT to 1.7 cause 1.4 is stupidly fast


                                                                            Now i understand it. The complaints about Axe and Jugg and PA were just "todays" version of the complaints about Spirit Breaker and PL, and before that, Riki, Sniper, Pudge...
                                                                            Bad players strike again.


                                                                              trench life is hard, but still fun. if you dont like jug, just pick omniknight. jug no likey omni.

                                                                              BEEP BEEP

                                                                                Kids always cry about heros being broken then pick it thinking they will destroy, end up getting ravaged...

                                                                                BEEP BEEP

                                                                                  This is the reason I love when heroes get buffed.


                                                                                    I used to get flamed for jungling on jugger, now... well I still get flamed but at least im not the only one hue hue.....


                                                                                      i Still prefer to max blade fury than crit since it damage is no joke at early stage of game.
                                                                                      Btw Juggernaut is 1 of my favorite hero even before this patch.

                                                                                      BEE KILLER

                                                                                        "As with the Juggernaut and Axe wave, there's not much we can do now, except sit back, pick Shadow Fiend, and build Eul's."