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    Thats cuuuute <3


      все что я понял это что девушка автора на скае играет лучше чем он

      jotchua fan

        Stop making these to brag about your girlfriend.


          I think that a St. Valentine's Day is the most matching day for a post where you tell about your girlfriend's dota progress

          KONY 2012

            cyka blyat


              happy high suicide rate day. yeah.

              blue clark

                i have a girlfriend here's guide from our experience


                  Have you guys come up with a system to not track the win rate of year beast brawls (the same as you wouldnt count AD or ARDM)? I played a few games and the outcomes are so random I feel like our winrates shouldnt be punished (for whoever is above 50%) or rewarded (for whoever is below 50%) for such a random mini-game.


                    awwwww.... so sweet :3

                    Mikhail Teslov

                      My girlfriend is the best ginger-with-the-soul player ever <3

                      The Rhythm Thief

                        Guys, it doesn't count when you are dating your hand.


                          так мило! <3

                          Ran THrough Hockey Daughter

                            buy bloodstoen and use the active pleaase


                              Hey, WTF is going on with this stupid POP UP and REDIRECTING ADS?
                              WTF IS THIS?
                              If there is anything I hate on the internet , than its that, stupid pop up ad!
                              And there is no way it can be turned off, I tryed everything, you guys are unbelivable!
                              This is such a nice site but you are making it lokk pathetic!


                                @GAMER: I have no pop up ads here and I don't run adblock. Scan your comp.


                                  "how stupid it is to argue over a game"

                                  he called dota just a game, 4k trash.


                                    I Fuck your ruski mamkas!

                                    Liquid. Miracle-

                                      i have girlfriend in my dream

                                      Noob = Angel

                                        whut the fuck off with thisfuckingshit girl