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Nemesis 041

    Dota is hard. It's a helluva learning curve and a rollercoaster of emotions with people you don't even know, sometimes. But we all come back to it, because players enjoy the satisfaction of winning a hard-earned match that no other accomplishment in the world can match.

    For gamers anyway. And if that is the best feeling in the world, I think you need a life. (Not being mean, just honest)

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      " The secret of Dota’s reward is seeing yourself improve. The game doesn’t reward us—we reward ourselves." Just like everything else that you put effort in life.


        @edron I agree. Dota can give back as much or more as you put in. Not every game can say the same.

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          >Game is hard.


            Great post, really enjoyed reading it!

            Sup m8

              Very well written, good blog posts!


                brilliantly written

                ΙγrιΙΙνεmροs crιsτεναηιsh...

                  good stuff really hit it home with some of my feelz

                  Ass Hunter

                    @eggs I would like to know how and where one can submit articles for this blog? I would love to write something if that is a possibility ofcourse.


                      @hunter feel free to email me at and we can talk


                        "Is Dota Too Hard?"

                        Dota is NP-Tryhard.


                          right in the feel train


                            I think u can match all of sun tzu art of war with dota2 someone should try it #PogChamp that shit make me lol so hard Kappa


                              I LOVE DOTA , but that is hard


                                You should add a thumbs up button, great post :D


                                  I DOTA hard,but that is LOVE

                                  3.8k Ryozan

                                    /like , well done good article, I want more of this plz

                                    Mighty Atom

                                      I wish this was longer, I really enjoyed reading it!


                                        My English is too bad to understand all things that u wrote. But I can feel it, love dota.


                                          great post


                                            I am currently trying to finish Warcraft III, which has been criticized by some RTS fans as being too slow and easy. Compared to Warcraft III, Dota 2 is a glacier-paced, super-casual diversion.


                                              Dota 2 is mostly unfair and unbalanced game that fails to find equally good players to matches or equal hero combos. Comebacks are extremely rare and usually it only takes 5 - 7 minutes to tell which team is going to win, after that people are just waiting for the next match and not trying any longer. This is why dota is updated night and day and yet it still faills to become enjoyable and balanced modern day chess. Dota is hard and if you can't spend something like 6 hours daily by studing this game, you should never play public at all, and if you didn't play dota 1 then don't start playing dota 2 either since you will never catch other players but instead you ll' be left behind when you begin. Solo game is pointless and incredibly poorly programmed, but biggest fail is that it will not teach you to play against real people, it will misslead you and distort your gameplan big time.


                                                @Pahani Julmuri LOL that's really funny. Comebacks are rare? Really? I think you misspelled League of Legends good sir.


                                                  gg wp

                                                  Natsuki Subaru

                                                    Dota is all about draft, no matter how good you play, if you are outdrafted by a team with sufficient skill you will get rekt.
                                                    Dota is pretty much a mind game, it tests your patience of when to push,gank, and farm. You also need patience when everyone is missing on the map, that's why brain health is very important when you play this game.


                                                      Wow much feels


                                                        Someone should dedicate an entire post to compare Sun Tzu's art of war to Dota 2.
                                                        Side note, good read :)


                                                          Gr8 Post, I enjoyed reading it.


                                                            Nice post, keep it up :)


                                                              I agree, because when some one in your team is new, all you have to do is to tell them what they need to do without saying "NOOB" and stuffs like that. Then they'll learn, and it'll be fun and rewarding to see them progress. ^-^


                                                                > Game is hard!


                                                                  Версута на картинке


                                                                    @eggs Damn good text! I'm a DotA 1 and 2 player and i completely agree with every point mentioned in the text especially with part of the Art of War of Sun Tzu

                                                                    Lo-Fi for Elves

                                                                      Dota 2 isnt hard, this entire blog post was a b8 click.
                                                                      The art of war is a garbage book written by some chink 2000 years ago *tips fedora*
                                                                      And if you seriously don't know at least 95% of spell reactions, you should uninstall.


                                                                        Nah its not hard, its just the toxic community that ruin it.


                                                                          Maybe I should read the Art of War at some point.


                                                                            "Experience in Dota can culminate into what the community describes as "game sense." It's like a sixth sense. A player with high game sense will know where enemy players are, without much vision. He can feel the ebbs and flows of a game, and he'll know when it's best to retreat before a gank is in motion. He outwits his opponents with experience, knowledge, and intuition."

                                                                            Which is why I LOVE getting paired with teammates with half/or not even close to the amount of play time I have. SO MUCH FUN.

                                                                            Road to 0 MMR!

                                                                              everygame is hard!!

                                                                              xriz ツ

                                                                                and now think about this: most players started dota cuz they sucked hard in war3, talking about difficulty of understanding things and maybe getting the mechanics done. then think that sc2 most likely is more demanding than war3 used to be(still is? I quit in 2011), then you see why RTS games scene is so small compared to dota...
                                                                                no taking away anything from ur game, I used to play dota1 as well, funny thing, but I naturally got okey in it, cause I was used to the engine and what you could or couldn't do.


                                                                                  Good article. But most of us already knew dota is hard. NOW, WHERE'S MY PHOENIX TO OFFLANE ANALYSIS?!?!

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                                                                                    The Art of War.

                                                                                    “The greatest victory is that which requires no battle.” (Avoid fights. Farm the map) <<< rat

                                                                                    “Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak.” (Baiting the enemy) << feed

                                                                                    “When you surround an army, leave an outlet free. Do not press a desperate foe too hard.” (Don’t dive the T3s) << give space so enemy could comeback

                                                                                    “Treat your men as you would your own beloved sons. And they will follow you into the deepest valley” (Don’t flame) << trust our beloved then they will dc and abandon

                                                                                    hahaha sorry not to say sorry, my experience in SEA :))

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                                                                                      not very hard, but frustrating when team is goinf full retard

                                                                                      Chocolate Sailor

                                                                                        I think you might have False Promise confused with Fortune's End.

                                                                                        Otherwise, good article!

                                                                                        ASMOG 92933927

                                                                                          i guess you could include "opportunity cost" on this post since it is super important on economical aspect and in-game decision making. And very similar to chess too. Nice post.


                                                                                            I take that it's an opinion piece but calling it "too" complex it's an exaggeration: it's overly simple by design. If there are any hidden mechanics without mention for something meant to be played by a large crowd then it's just bad design, plain and simple.

                                                                                            There are no race damage modifiers, no element damage modifiers, no size damage modifiers, no status attack modifiers; the accuracy in change for the uphill terrain is a good idea but there aren't real differences in terrain (muddy, snow, hot or something else) that might change how some skills or movement work. Turn rates add some flavor on chasing heros and escaping but 90% it involves how your laning will go and escape that very idea for the minigame that involves early game

                                                                                            There are no real differences in night and day for about 100 of the heros other than the vision sight: most heros don't get buffs and debuffs, despise the mechanic is there for slark, nightstalker, gondar and luna

                                                                                            Complexity and opportunies come out of the gigantic roster there is and the good variety of items the game has but calling it too hard is a gigantic leap.

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                                                                                            Morning Star

                                                                                              Dota is not hard if there in no peenoise in this world !!


                                                                                                i really like this article
                                                                                                especially about sun tzu
                                                                                                well done

                                                                                                Noted, with many thanks

                                                                                                  this is kinda off topic but i think the diary function for your matches displayed on dotabuff should also include an option to make your own entries in the diary as well... something to look back to when viewing your match history. like "on this match i need to improve on this and that" then you look back and say "hey i still suck up till now"