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    No mentioned stacked rapiers in base...? haha

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      i think that techies is too good
      for me he is boring but when i get a triple kill it always makes me smile:)


        Even when people say that Techies has been buffed too much I am still happy that hero like this(they) is/are out of joke hero list


          It is easy to counter, but a constant annoyance
          You have to be really careful the entire game or they BLOW UP the match really quick


            Another surprise is Refresher Orb hidden on courier :D


              больной ублюдок


                No techies ever putted mine to block camp, that alone show how bad/(stupid?) techies player they are (even if they are great at techies during squirmich and teamfight)

                the funniest thing about techies, is they actually nerfed techies the way aui played it (when no tuskar), and even without utilising more than a third of the potential of techies, he literally carried the game alone. that just show how broken is techies...

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                  What I've noticed is that pro players rarely spend time sneaking around to place hidden mines in enemy territory. Their time is more efficiently spent controlling the lane or setting up a mine and suicide kill. Plus, a mine blocking a camp can be easily detonated, as opposed to a ward at the edge of a spawn box.


                    techies pickers and 130 min + long matches
                    somehow I don't think I'm going to like ti5


                      Hmm, I love techies and use him mainly to sneak around and place mines in hidden places, on the sides of lanes behind trees so even a gem cant see :P.

                      But again alot of this is easy to counter, gem's, "zues's bolt", ward's, illusion's, summons.

                      And yet ive never had match last up to 130 min with me playing techies and have a 33% loss rate with him.


                        Течис на про сцене позор доты2, и будет таковым оставаться пока на на ем будут всякие ауи катать.

                        Atila El Husky~

                          4250 mmr, only playing techies, 73.33% ranked won games, BROKEN HERO


                            You mean you calibrated 4,2k with playing techies only? or you mean u just play techies in 4k bracket and ez wins? .. well techies can easily win games vs melee chars.. specially when there's like 4 of them.. =D techies is pure annoyance haha...

                            Atila El Husky~

                              7-3 in my first 10 games with techies, I calibrated 4.2k, overall 51 matches in ranked and 72.55% winrate actually till now. Its very easy to farm mmr with techies mostly because he can support, and create a lot of space for the carry. for example, in this game


                              the last pick meepo was awful, so I had to support the game, and because I dont need 2 much gold to be efective I still got 12-5-5

                              Duc D - CatOnTheMoon

                                Most of the pub games with techie will be more than 1 hour. Hard teamfight (4v5) and frustrating because you cannot push (mines defending).

                                M A N O Y ~

                                  WOW AMAZING