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Nox_Luna M.Sc.

    thanks :) missed the entire thing because timezones, but your recaps help loads. thanks very much :D

    Фрэнки 4 пальца

      дамой лсы ебаные

      Vremya V Pustyu

        good job


          I hope Team Secret Will win ti5 ...Goodluck !!


            Thank you for the typed out recap, can't really stream video at work. Keep up the good work.


              Na’Vi lost :|


                bb na'vi((


                  If you havent already, go watch the final 5-8 minutes of the Navi v Vici game. The most remarkable highground defense Ive ever witnessed.


                    NAVI IS BACK!!!

                    zoo tycoon = killgore hab...

                      How is Navi back...They lost because their captain is bad


                        yeah their captain sucks!

                        mea maxima culpa

                          na'vi one love