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    "Friends" you say...My rating buddy is ignoring me....So sad....


      Gaben's Hand of Midas really cares...


        Yea, still friends Chen's Lack of Wards


          fix rating ladder now,like a hots/lol.


            No, i don't want to be "friend" forever. Just be my love or delete me :( Btw who's my rating buddy? I even forgot.


              Batrider's clarity, my only true friend :') <3


                "You know, the 2 little boxes at the top of your profile that you use to show off your most impressive or least embarrassing stats."

                What is this?

                P.S. Oh, I figured this out. It's "edit profile" thing.

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                  Leshrac's Rapier Drop


                    Out of curiosity, what API call do you use? I can't find anything.


                      Voids arcane boots


                        Hmm, I'm climbing mmr and don't want to show it to people, especially not opponents... is there no other way!?!


                          что это вообще
                          я нечего не понял


                            Well, I have Solo and Ranked MMR on my profile visible, but it hasn't updated the whole day (which is fine by me, because I lost all my ranked matches today *g*) but the Dota client also hasn't updated the value, so I guess it's probably no thing on Dotabuffs side.


                              Where do I find the Rating Buddy thing? I've never used it nor did I add the bot to track it

                              edit: nvm found it

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                              Derp's missing tax files

                                Currently the Enchanted Mango only has a 37.94% win rate. Although it is a challenge, together the Dota 2 Community has the ability to fix this tragedy. Please help. As gamers, we can make Dota 2 a better place.


                                  The item win rates are useless for that kind of analysis because they can only inspect the inventory at the end of the match, not at the start.
                                  I actually wonder that the Mango doesn't have a lower value.


                                    For me rating buddy is not working properly, or better it works entirely diffrent.... It only recognizes my last match when I refresh the site and then gives it the MMR I have, even if there where like 5 games in between, hence it is just not as relieable as it used to be. I have won Matches saying I lost 49 MMR for example.

                                    I hope you find a way to work that out!


                                      was rating buddy always a free feature? i thought it was plus only for a while


                                        Actually, the client now shows the current MMR, but Dotabuff doesn't, although both values are shown on the profile.


                                          Oracle's Loss to Bots. My truly friend!
                                          I still have doubt, if i play a party mmr match and a solo mmr match displaying both mmr, then i hide both mmr... Does it keep updating?


                                            @bippum yes it has always been a non-plus feature
                                            @Peter The MMR display on your profile is cached, unfortunately :(


                                              Me no buddies adding :(


                                                My buddy stopped tracking my MMR; The Dire's Arcane Boots more specifically.

                                                EDIT: Oh, you have to have your shitty ass embarrassingly low MMR on your profile. I am not fine with this

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                                                  Well i guess i'll show my 1,909 mmr now x)


                                                    But since this feature on reborn client doesn't update after each game then the graphs on "Trends" on Solo or Party MMR will skyrocket or dive hard.


                                                      Whats my rating buddy's name?

                                                      Evil Rick?!

                                                        sniper's urn of shadows


                                                          who can MMR 6k??

                                                          rice cake

                                                            I supposed to had my mmr tracked in source 1. But Gyrocopter's tower deny was never accept my friend request in the first place :(


                                                              if I accidentally delete Rating Buddy from friends list how can I retrieve him? Who know?