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    Chen deserves being buffed - best hero in whole dota ^^


      Winter Wyvern is a she not a he

      Martha Bot



          WW is female...


            I believe EGGS just trolls the audience outright. There is no way no how no one told 'em after the last article of theirs that WW was a female.


              Chen definnetely needs a major buff maybe some skill changes


                WW was OP. It was like, every team that ban/pick her will win the game. But the nerf really hit her like a meteor.


                  Please write something about the map change. I think its really something big.



                    The Macho Man Daddy Savag...



                        Vs is the easiest support to play. You go 2nd skill to scout, SS to initiate and 1st to disable. If you die, 3rd skill will be a valuable impact. No wonder she is a favorite hero for pubs and pros. No nerf or buffs needed.


                          I enjoy playing Venge in this patch, shes always a solid pick.


                            I like how the author referenced Guns'n'Roses awesome song (Welcome to the Jungle) :)


                              ^fixed the winter wyvern gender in the post. ofc she's a female dragon

                              Boundless Strike in Gaben...

                                ^never seen more obvious bait with the 'female dragon'

                                sad stuff

                                Premium Wisp effect

                                  Where is Io?

                                  Witch Doctor Livesey

                                    I think "ashes" is not a very appropriate term for an ice-based hero, could have been "melted puddle" or something


                                      Omniknight is an offlaner, not support. He needs way too many items and way too much xp for him to be a support.

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                                        Then he's played a position 4 support or a greedy support. He doesn't have enough impact with his levels as other offlaners


                                          not really a dragon, but a wyvern. Google the difference.


                                            WW... noooooo </3 so sad. :(


                                              shittiest meta ever


                                                I'm just happy to see Akke back on Chen. Watched all of [A]'s games back at TI3 from his perspective. Which sounds very creepy now that i say it aloud.


                                                  @OhMyGecko all good bro, we all know Akke hot with dem blue eyes. Not here to judge


                                                    VS was my favorite support hero:)
                                                    but she is underpowered in lane compare to others and sux vs illusion based heroes so i stopped playing her, not rly a pub hero but situational on tournies maybe

                                                    "EG.Universe’s “six million dollar” Echo Slam "
                                                    lol wut, there is no such thing as 6 million dollar echo slam thats an urban myth.That echo slam was so easy to land and the game was already in hand of EG anyway.


                                                      aaaaand chen's been nerfed. Thanks for letting him be viable for a few weeks tho :)

                                                      Sofa King

                                                        They nerfed Chen too much by increasing the CD and argha not affecting the CD anymore

                                                        Jeeez ...


                                                          Man, I am really sad about WW. They could have applied nerfs in so many other ways, but not her fucking ult. GG Volvo!


                                                            Maybe Chen isn't bad, maybe he's just misunderstood and if he gets a major buff he'll fuck the meta and all the OG Chen bros would be like "I played Chen before it was cool" and then get butthurt because the response they get would be "CYKA BYLAT IDI NAYUI ME CHEN MID OR FEED" and no-one would ever play Pudge because he'll never again get a hook off with that wall of Chen creeps ruining your fun.