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    oil up


      Malignant Cancer

      Jacques Lacan

        "usually doesn't allow for such solo pick offs"

        EE kappa


          Worst hero ever.


            When will the next patch come out

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              ^ after Majors. 6.87


                thx volvo


                  BTW IMBA


                    Why does Invoker has Chen picture in the first paragraph


                      Some time i wanna win with invopicker's :D


                        OD nerf for sure after Shanghai.


                          fakkkk you valve!!!!
                          ka'el will be worst hero ever!!!

                          CLEETUS McFarland

                            I would have also expected a nerf to Pudge. Sooner the better.

                            Freddie Mercury

                              Gg invoker


                                RIP Invoker


                                  In time, on point, wp Dotabuff, nice article, keep going !


                                    cold snap and EMP also need nerf


                                      Goodbye Euls + Sunstrike + Chaos Meteor + Deafening blast combo :(

                                      Helm of Dominator Enjoyer

                                        Fucking valve sucks ass


                                          sad :3

                                          no name

                                            Лучшебы пофиксели арка


                                              Finally! Invoker is nerfed hahhahahh


                                                WTF what a big nerf! This is a fuc_king joke! Now you wont be able to kill qop, weaver, AM, phantom lancer...
                                                They added bigger mana cost for blast, and now its useless - that movie showed everything - why do you want to knock back enemies, when they can kill you during these weak moonwalk slides? Horrible, Invoker is going back to be useless hero.

                                                Execute Order 322


                                                  normal skill problems
                                                  go qw and wreck faces with orchid


                                                    well u still can kill others, huh? Maybe u will just get stunned or something. So now pool of killable heroes is so less.

                                                    боец топ дог

                                                      ss + meteor + cold snap


                                                        GOOD RIDENCE!


                                                          fuuuck, back blast


                                                            invo is pretty balanced tbh. but fucking OD is the real pub cancer on this patch tbh


                                                              About time! To all those whining crybabies - so you say that 1 skill change can determine hero with 9 skills? Seriously? You are so weak at Invo that you can play only with Deafening Blast, and can't without? Hahaha thats so sad...

                                                              Fact is, Invoker wast too OP what you could see in stats. Same goes for Omni and Spectre. Keep in mind thou, we are talking only about pub here. As u can see, PROS are PROS and they are able to use invoker even when Blast is nerfed. Learn other skills/combos on invo. Playing only one hero who has 9 skills is just for noobs.

                                                              OD? 51,26% winrate - seriously cancer? :|

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                                                              LESBIAN WEREWOLF

                                                                6.86g when

                                                                Mbeju Volador


                                                                  Piguera- @Neoxa

                                                                    That's why:

                                                                    Mr. Tugboat

                                                                      Oh no now you will just have to use one of his 9 other OP spells. Hero is probably in a good spot now.


                                                                        @wujacszek Deafening Blast affect other 9 skills. Why? Because it's like a linked skill to many combos. Almost all combos of Invoker require the deafening blast to make fully usage to its extend.

                                                                        N!nj@ [A§§]@$[§¡n]

                                                                          sometimes the updates quite bullshit, just the reasons is to balance the pub pick rate


                                                                            @wujaszek that nerf on the deafening blast was a big change for invoker. Why? Because of the hard disable from deafening blast, heroes with bkb can't pop their bkb and also you can execute a full combo that can burst down an enemy. Yes there are 9 skills but that 8 other skills can be easily countered by defensive items such as bkb or heroes with skills that will help them escape. Did you get the point of this nerf?

                                                                            Тихая Ніч

                                                                              So now invoker is more usefull as an early snowball machine, like clinkz. With hight burst dmg from exort, or speed atack from wex, the 10 skills become neglected by the actual plays.

                                                                              WIth this patch when invoker can use the skills then? He became more a support killer than a fighter in the core scene. Sad story.... Eul for invoker is only good against silence skills or items, so bkb can be saved for better moments.

                                                                              I don really care if yo cri

                                                                                Guys, As i see, theres no difference at all . You can fvck 1 of their support at back in a pub game or a hero that doesnt have any escape ability. So eul, EQ type invoker is still usefull . Can contribute a tons of damage with a gank by SS. Burst hero, and guys its not just eul+SS+meteor+DB= Dead . You can also do eul+IW+SS+invoke+Meteor=Dead for a hero doesnt have any escape ability again. For a hero who does a tons of dame with you , like Clinkz,AM, what ever. You got a mate guys, rely with your team mates. Dont be a solo queue literally .


                                                                                  OMG its realy? Dont touсh Invoker!! Its verry good balanced hero! Why you want spoil everything? Valve is turning in Wargaming...

                                                                                  hot goth girlfriend

                                                                                    when i am learning to play invoker and this came out T_T

                                                                                    One of 5 Cores

                                                                                      Good Job Valve.Keep up the good work there. Now no more "like a boss" combo crush.


                                                                                        i see all of people saying he has 9 other spells, but for the most part you still need deaf blast. I am an invo player and i hate that they did this nerf, but i can't chnage it so yea im learning other ways to get kills that dont require deaf blast, now i primarily use it to cause enemy physical damagers to not attack... but once enemy gets bkb invo is useless, thats why i let them waste bkb on my team then i jum in with my combos.