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    On Guardian Greaves - "However, more often than not it is not worth extra 1650 gold." ... Uh what?


      Good luck trying to tell these kind of things to pub bounties,out of 20+ times of having a bounty in my team only one of them is actually looking at the picks and went for the utility support build,while the others are space leeching,no gamesense,dagon building retards

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        Meanwhile bh in my 2k though the invi and his ulti are passive.



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            @man don't care
            Guardian greaves heals the same as mek and only 25 more mana than arcanes. He's saying you can spend the gold better because you're paying 1650 extra gold basically to remove debuffs from yourself.

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              nice 1

              JOHN TRAZ DE VOLTA

                I don't agree with this argument that the "enemy team will spent more money in detection". If they do, that will pay off, by getting deaths. So the money is coming back with a profit. Which certainly means, that they are "winning more money with the use of detection to predict this guy and possibly his teammates plan and strategy", and are ahead at the game. And that will even, imply that you and your teammates, as Bounty Hounter, will have to buy its on detection too to prevent get caugh unaware by any enemy detection. So, if you don't buy detection you're most likely dead - their profit. And if you do buy detection too, to prevent getting caught, its even - you spent the same money as they did on detection, more or less. Ok, you can say that they're spending more money than you on detection, so that's more likely they catch you. But when you're spending more money on detection as a Bounty Hunter them the enemy team, that's how you win! You're make sure you're controlling the game! And that's how you win this game, controlling it. Everybody knows that. Who cares about money? This game is not about gold, it's about who wins and who loses. So, stop spamming stupidity DotaBuff, you're gonna create a bunch of losers, that don't want to spend money on detection/game control. These fuck***g babies attached to stuff, that can't let go of the money (i.o.e. wards, currier, upgrades and so on) for the win. We all know that a Bounty and winning Riki, will most likely "spend more money on detection", and buy themselves a gem. That's basic play.

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                so so fresh

                  Any 2̶k̶ 3k player can spam supp bh at 5k+ with 50% winrate, osfrog

                  Fake Xer0™ 様

                    the thing with the greave though, while it's expensive, you can actually see the difference if you usually play a support and go meka and arcane often. The cooldown reduction is just nice and you can get alot more sustain for the whole team. 1650 is a bit much, but rather than buying a random item, going for greaves is usually worth it.

                    so so fresh

                      @Xer0 One pro player at stream said that greaves is good but he prefer going arcane -> mek -> 'one item' -> guardians because too hard to get 1650 gold at early game without dying, so 50/50 here. If you know that you can finish guardian fast you can try.

                      Also forcestuff > blink almost always.

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                      JOHN TRAZ DE VOLTA

                        @free 2 play scootz. but its wrong. You don't buy Guardian Greaves to remove debuffs. You buy guardian greaves for its cooldown reduction and 1 more slot on your inventory. The cooldown reduction will just get your team way ahead, and more and more faster regenerating itself and get ready for next fight or even being able to defend itself from ganks if the other team try to get you with low health, or not, and you are anywhere near with this item, you just use it and situation changes. You can even spam it to Heal and Mana or both anytime you see your carry with low hp and mana (jungling for ex.), that you're most likely sure you're gonna have it 'till your next teamfight or the next time you'll need. And 1650 is not much money, for the benefits that it has. Any other item you get will cost at least like 30% more, if you're not getting Meddalion, which doesn't imply you're not getting this item, if you prefer to get this one first (depends of the situation, not all of them needs a medallion for an example).

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                        Alex Scholler #1 Fan

                          2.4k here and im spamming it.... thanks for giving me usefull insights.

                          aikyu3 SuBi ♪

                            Great article. Btw, ^ viewed your profile. aether lens is really a great build for bh. Im kinda surprise that this article didnt features that.



                              O N N E T B O Y Z ™

                                Freaking love BH, just won a game with him. It saddens me how badly people build this at lower brackets, he's such a strong utility, I specially like him when there's not supports on the team since he can afford to build whatever he wants while also providing wards for the team.


                                  I personally love getting greaves early. On top of all the benefits stated above, don't forget about the extra 15 regeneration and 15 armor if an ally is below 20%, making saving someone on brink of death even more effective.

                                  Stone Cold Steve Austin

                                    Actually, would like to know whether he will be relevant in new patch.
                                    Which we would know already, that is if they cared to FREAKING THROW US A BONE ABOUT NEXT PATCH AFTER HALF A YEAR.


                                      Since when does Bounty use a gun?


                                        What are some other heroes for methodical players? Because that's me (I'm shit at clicking thing but good at positioning and stuff) and BH is the 2nd most played hero on me :)


                                          why do you keep posting these useless articles are they mandatory?

                                          i'm reading those time to time and all articles you produce are obscure and i really hope no new players will catch something up cause that will be bad for them


                                            Battlefury :O
                                            I am puking ...
                                            boots dagon solo kill weak supports and give your team track gold over and over.
                                            later on pick a blink and be an annoying b-word.
                                            Oh and aether lens is always a good choice


                                              bh need buff OsFrog


                                                just ignore Circus of Life comment...
                                                I am waiting for new articles everyday
                                                Some are brilliant, some are worse, but all are globally interesting
                                                Applause for this ;)


                                                  prior for methodical players i recommend treant protector as well. I usually don't pick BH if the enemy team has a better teamfight than my team, because they will 5-man and your utility drops considerably.


                                                    I go for orchid. Ez kills. Ez regen

                                                    [FaO] JoJoBird

                                                      I'd say part of the reason for increased viability in higher skill bracket is also due to the fact that players in higher brackets are more capable of capitalizing on the havoc a good BH can cause. So it's not just about the player's macro understanding but also the macro understanding of everyone else around the BH.

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                                                        "Stop spamming stupidity DotaBuff." This is exactly why you are mid 2k.
                                                        I really have no problem with less able players sharing their thoughts... The way they do it however is simply triggering. Sorry bro, but I do believe that the 1% has a tiny bit bigger game knowledge and is able to make more in-depth analysis than the big average (~70%). So get the stick out of your arse and try to grasp the whole picture.



                                                          Yep, this hero is very fun to play, at least in support way.
                                                          I almost exclusively played support and tend to have a good result with him (17 match - 70% winrate).
                                                          He's also really good for roaming, so it's like a change of pace from the other 'standard' support


                                                            nice, could you make one about night stalker someday im interested to see how he stands in the meta.


                                                              Dont forget that greeves removes global silence from the whole team feelsgoodman


                                                                Kawaiisocks has stated the obvious yet again.


                                                                  i got a strong feeling that 90% of blog topics originate in forum discussions


                                                                    Not completely awful unless he starts going for Battlefury. I didn't get that..
                                                                    Does it mean Battlefury is awful for him or the opposite??
                                                                    //Grammatically awful sentence;

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                                                                      Why isn't aether lense listed?
                                                                      Anyway only retards and low skill feggits go for battlefury. The most trash item on this hero is battlefury...If you plan to build into a dd then buy a fast desolator and go killing supports or squishy carries. This hero is good but some people take it to a different level of retarded.

                                                                      the M

                                                                        I would say naga and medusa


                                                                          Good article is good. Ignore the nay-sayers.

                                                                          JOHN TRAZ DE VOLTA

                                                                            @ZenDotA Can u reply my argument? It's quite clear around the globe actually. Who invests more money will more ceartainly gain more money too. That's basic math. You don't need to be a Pro in Dota to know this. I'm not 2k by the way.

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                                                                              I think the numbers are somewhat important though. Shuriken is the best (iirc) lvl 1 nuke in the game making it cruical for getting kills when extremely level starved.


                                                                                This forum needs votes ala reddit, debate is shit and top comments are "first", 2 or 3.

                                                                                Anyways, nice write up. I feel it touch very much every aspect of the hero, im a old player and enjoy the macro advantage and reading the map part of his surgical playstyle.


                                                                                  yep totally brilliant to let all people vote

                                                                                  problem with this article is - author can't play dota properly and trying to share the obvious thoughts, some of them are right some of them are wrong and some of them made due to wrong reasoning

                                                                                  and you have to tell your audience that this article has no credibility at all, because most newcomers can see this amazing site and think that there is some amazing quality knowledge on a main page, they are desperate to get better and will take your word for it

                                                                                  as a long time retired player and professional caster now i have quite an experience in things like that and i can see how community degrated due to ability to spill anything barely related to real dota skill all over the net

                                                                                  sorry for retarded spelling and don't be mad just think about it.


                                                                                      @... Bara maxing q and meepo completely ignoring q. Wow such team, much wow.


                                                                                        @circus of life You're full of shit mate, this article is quite good.


                                                                                          it's good but you don't know what is good about it :D but you do know that people with different opinion is full of shit

                                                                                          classy dota player

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                                                                                            политика 2

                                                                                              As a bh spammer have to said: 1) Greaves are ultra good coz of debuff purge such as silences and dust. 2) Drums is a perfect mid game item.
                                                                                              My usual build:
                                                                                              start items - 2 clarity, orb of venom and sentries;
                                                                                              first items - boots of speed, graded stick and tp;
                                                                                              mid game - arcane boots, mek and bracer;
                                                                                              later - grade ur meka into Greaves; grade ur bracer into drums;
                                                                                              late game - medal and graded medal or pipe if enemy has radiance\zeus\a lot of magic spam
                                                                                              for some situations - linken vs doom, lotus to purge the lion's hexes and beast's ults , gem vs lothar slark, crimson vs jugger or wr, ac vs some armor debuffs, vlads for some carries with pure dmg (phantom lance, traxes, sven etc.)


                                                                                                Don't forget Mekans need 225 mana to activate and guardian no need mana. That was a lot of mana when we need it.


                                                                                                  Aether Lens IMO is quite overrated.
                                                                                                  - Sure, the added cast range is nice but all of your skill is already long enough, especially your most important one - track.
                                                                                                  - It might be good on paper for the shuriken toss, but you can always throw it to nearby creep or heroes to make it bounces to all nearby tracked heroes.
                                                                                                  - The bonus magical damage is hardly matter because your shuriken cooldown is quite long and BH mana pool is not too great for spamming it.

                                                                                                  I did rather have Veil instead of it. Same price - easier component - better teamfight contribution.

                                                                                                  Irritable Taco

                                                                                                    I gave this a shot in 2k mmr. The early game went really well, then my carries had no idea what to build and the games crumbled. I'm thinking DPS build is better for the lower MMR's, while a utility build would benefit organized teams that knows what to do with the extra gold.


                                                                                                      I stoped reading when I saw uts the skill that lets bh winrate go up in high mmr...its that you dont go bf deso crits...