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Officer Sadistic

    first madafaka

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        Well done on all your guides. Thanks for scrambling to get us new info with the craziness of the new patch.




            Thanks for this!


              As for support player, it's too much, need to learn warding, pulling, deward.


                ^yeah i thought about a comprehensive guide to pulling and dewarding as well, but it'd bee too much to also insert here. Plus I need to figure an optimal method for pulling right now myself (especially for the new camp positions)

                JOHN TRAZ DE VOLTA

         This guy has it figured it out for everyone!

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                    I was waiting for this, ty for all your guides mate :)


                      Thanks Dude!

                      煉れん獄ごく 杏きょう

                        11 нд


                          Thanks! Coming from a support (who isnt too great) this helps a TON! But I've been struggling with pulling with the new update... Any sugestions?


                            This patch makes me want to stop dota


                              Awesome guide! It helped me a lot. Keep up the good work!


                                You spend months of your life learning perfect support meta, spawn boxes, pulls, items, rotation paths etc, and one day none of it matters. This is sadly going to take months of my life I don't have anymore to perfect. The only thing that survives crazy patches like this is raw mechanical skill and dedication. It's good to keep things fresh, but relearning 110 hero talent trees and lets face it, a whole new map? This Dota hobby may be coming to a close after the holidays. This was too much

                                Jane ⟨Saileach⟩ Willow

                                  TY for the help :)

                                  aikyu3 SuBi ♪

                                    @Fucktard. Go ahead, you are a fucktard with 42% win rate and normal bracket. Dont ever come back LOL!

                                    The Scourge

                                      So much places for wards ;D Dewarding will be hard,if enemy support will use other places for wards without there rocks.


                                        People are so scared of change , this is why I love Dota because it's never the same , I love the challenge of learning the new metas and seeing what works and what doesn't , that's what makes this game so damn awesome


                                          The new map is much bigger and it's quite difficult to light up the whole world now...


                                            THEY TOLD ME ITS THE FUTURE! and it is what it is, Player RULES, play the game!.


                                              Was waiting for this..


                                                Good bye dota, so sick of you, 2 matcehs, 2 not scored!!!!
                                                Looking for new game


                                                  Haha support2


                                                    thanks mate

                                                    elegant thuggin

                                                      КРУТА А Я ИГРАЮ С 20 ФПС


                                                        Good job
                                                        Dota 2 become better and more exciting than last patch..




                                                            This patch is so fucking boring and only a copy fo LOL thanks valve for this

                                                            just me

                                                              Spam treant protector Kappa


                                                                Now I know where to deward :D


                                                                  this games dead


                                                                    2k pro whining over the update. this game is bound to evolve every day, every year. future is near when we would be playing it over VR or nerve gear. they cant stop because some noobs have wasted their life perfecting moves on old maps.
                                                                    play or leave. dota will evolve for sure, for good, for the best of us.
                                                                    and with every update, a player's raw reflexes and mechanical skills are needed to be good. its becoming more farm and item independent, and becoming more skillful. there will be more comebacks and more excitement now.

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                                                                    Willy Wynn

                                                                      @乃モ尺ちモ尺Kモ尺 funny you say 2k, when you are 1k mmr.

                                                                      Mr. Valdez



                                                                          ty for help <3

                                                                          Hand Me The Rope
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                                                                              meh. boring.




                                                                                  Nice job. Though, it will be great if we have extended analysis of ward spots such as the defensive ward, scout ward, laning ward etc. Since the map is getting bigger and now we face the dominance of trees, means ganker is having advantage points for this.


                                                                                    Я вот с этим повышением через Ctrl вобще не пойму

                                                                                    Было же все нормально кнопка задавалась в настройках, зачем убрали из настроек?????????????? Полнейшее неудобство, Верните кнопку в настройки!!!!!!!!
                                                                                    Может кто знает как через консоль поменять Ctrl на свою кнопку?



                                                                                      Caitlin Halderman

                                                                                        I prefer the old map. easy to put wards and sentries. but maybe it's just a matter of time before all of us can easily adapt to the new map tho. and the MK needs to get nerf, too IMBA


                                                                                          icefroga mat ebal


                                                                                            I think we need more warding spot, since it is basically the only way (without true sight like track etc) to know whether the monkey is on the tree or not


                                                                                              wow. this is so unbalanced.


                                                                                                I think that there are buffs to the Dire, now that Roshan is not in their side: The ward hill that give vision of the most left Radiant camp allow you to keep track if Sven is going to farm the stacked Ancient camp for example. Also, is more easy for Dire to ward in the "primary" Radiant jungle, the ward hill to the left; and give you huge information, for example, if you are pushing around Radiant bottom tier 2 tower :D


                                                                                                  @Skim, can you make a comprehensive guide about pulling and de-ward-ing please? :3

                                                                                                  ΙγrιΙΙνεmροs crιsτεναηιsh...

                                                                                                    same old shitty dota 2 , might have been elevated from previous played out form, might have pissed people off away from the game, who cares