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    roma shved (no smurf)

      That sh*t looks really awesome! I'd wait this long enough! Thx DB!


        Boost your mining rate with various achievements along the way, such as:
        All sorts of amazing new ways to make your team rage and loze the game :DDDDDDD

        Nickps (Peruvian Jitch)

          @Mr.Cleab lmao dude it was a joke , you have to read everything.


            April Mob is shit, i got 10 fools just for 1 hour


              Jebaited DansGame

              remember to drink water

                Very funny dude


                  $120! Jesus. You can find counselors for like $50 an hour. For $120 an hour they better have the letters PhD after their names.


                    Is this a joke?

                    Black Capped Chickadee

                      if this is a ranked game? many people are getting reported for sure.

                      Black Capped Chickadee

                        oh shot I just got baited. There go team wipe bois.

                        Tu tayta

                          I was kinda confused until I remembered it's already April 1st over there.

                          7 hours till it's officially that date here.


                            dotabuff plusplus+

                            Если че, я Вова

                              Первое апреля - никому не веря


                                What if dota plus + dotabuff plusplus+?
                                So let me tell you this

                                CApo del dota...

                                  Peru ya invirtio 25% de su pbi en buffcoin salu34



                                    Sir GueL™

                                      Welcome to April :)

                                      Potato PC

                                        I prefer BITCONNECT.


                                          Was the suicide thing at the end a joke? Because that's fucking terrible!


                                            ^not sure if retard or dry humor

                                            ПТ НА ПИВО

                                              LMAO DB. Nice rofl :D


                                                Your April Fool was a bit too obvious.


                                                  С 1 апреля )))))))))

                                                  yung diz

                                                    а я своему другу задру на течисе скинул не дочитав, еbать я тупой)))


                                                      Unistall steam servers.



                                                        Frozen Stick

                                                          Ok so what happens if I random techies when I'm last pick?


                                                            ^You basically rob TI8 prize pool by yourself

                                                            ￰￰ 󠀡󠀡󠀡
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                                                              ￰￰ 󠀡󠀡󠀡

                                                                unless that was also part of the april fools joke, in that case, well played


                                                                  DBC is already taken by Deep Brain Chain!

                                                                  ًٌٌٌٍٍْْْMR. PoopyButWhol...
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                                                                    So It Goes

                                                                      Good thing I read this


                                                                        I was super intrigued until I saw the ways to boost your mining rate and then I caught on. Very well played gave me a good laugh.


                                                                          april foolssssssssss


                                                                            so much hope, foking ruin me day mate.

                                                                            par73 KB24 | GTUBE

                                                                              love it

                                                                              out of fucking herald

                                                                                Yeah i think Kawai need a new job.


                                                                                  **Slow clap**



                                                                                    ♏ikeeCS ツ

                                                                                      I love you eggs


                                                                                        Lastpick randoming jungle Techies with no skillpoints spent whatsoever in the entire game.
                                                                                        Stealing all the exp from mid&safelane and autoattacking jungle creeps. Only them.
                                                                                        Buying all the wards and never placing them.
                                                                                        Breaking the free tp at the start of the game.
                                                                                        Spamming the wheel messages and pinging at the player's dead hero body.

                                                                                        This is the future of Dota.


                                                                                          Stage 1) Intrigued, a cryptocurrency for Dota? Sounds interesting, I wonder how that works?
                                                                                          Stage 2) Okay, so you have challenges like those stupid battlepass ones...
                                                                                          Stage 3) Wow, every Legion in my game is going to love this...jungle for 15 minutes? Last-pick random? Standard.
                                                                                          Stage 4) Clocking on now - well played DotaBuff :-)
                                                                                          Stage 5) All to support a good cause. That's great, but I think you need to recognise that probably the vast majority of us players (and DotaBuff users) are not in the USA. I've donated some money, but to a mental health charity in the UK instead. I wonder if supporting an international organisation would have more people donating?


                                                                                            I just have to say I love this brand and I appreciate everything your team does. Just donated. Keep killing it Dotabuff!

                                                                                            As a side note I would love to see an article on io and the most efficient methods for healing. I've already done some of the stats on it and would love to volunteer and contribute to the article.


                                                                                              Reading this a month later

                                                                                              'where can i invest?"

                                                                                              damn, april fool :(