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    first blood


      2nd blood :)


        I hope chaos win. It would be awesome for Matu to be a 2 times TI winner and defeat his former brothers.


          ^yep. Knocking liquid in grand finals


            I was really concerned about vtFaded. Watching Chaos’s qualifier matches, he seemed shaky. I’ll guess we’ll have to see come TI9 proper. Good luck to him


              the guy in the middle reminds me of Elijah Wood's character in Sin City. He should really use this edge to his advantage and say really creepy disturbing things to his opponents before the games so they fear for their lives if they won the game. That's Forward Gaming's best chance tbh they are so indescribably garbage.


                Я тоже ценю героев для драк, мне в самый слабый регион бы, ибо проигрываю зачастую условным лесным оверфармерам, that just happened

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                  Another great article kawaiisocks!

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