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average retarded fish

    Pog bois im gonna be a pro player now :)


      This is pretty tight. Nurturing a scene here.

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        cockva enjoyer

          good shit lads, bought dota plus - rdy to plow :)


            Good luck to all you teenagers out there.


              Imma go pro now, Mom.


                Good luck for all new pro players


                  This is sick

                  baby cow✌

                    good luck all! great initiative!

                    par73 KB24 | GTUBE

                      Time to change the work schedule lol Very cool!


                        OMG IM PRO NOW XD

                        Brünk Hüll

                          I am unsure I would call this 'accelerating' , and since there really is a finite amount of room at the top I can't imagine this will increase the number of people that become pro, but it should at least become the best way to be scouted. Even if there isn't more room at the top, there is probably quite a bit of opportunities in tier 2, and this is really the right way to invest in the future of the esport.

                          prono's mom

                            4000 mmr (pos 1/2) (lft) (serious)


                              Great initiative. But ESL ACademy website lists top 40 players while Dotabuff lists Top 50 players. Can explain?


                                @Slayer Edited. Was a typo.


                                  So it’s the Dota equivalent of ESEA for Counter Strike, also by ESL. Pretty cool

                                  mPa4HblṊ 3aMΣC

                                    Imagine the bloodbath competition now lmao


                                      @ETdAWESOME yeah, exactly. We actually spoke with ESEA numerous times in developing this to learn from their experience, so it's very much in the same family, but custom built for Dota.


                                        I want to see the effects this will have on Valve’s matchmaking. It’s like creating your own ranking system, so people growing separately from Valve’s ranked may be accused of smurfing because of the disparities. It happens in CSGO, where people who primarily play ESEA and Faceit and grew their skills there would queue for standard matchmaking with their rank being far below what they’ve grown into, and would be called cheaters and smurfs.
                                        Though, will this only be accessible to the highest MMR players? It wouldn’t be so much of a problem in that case


                                          I really hope that this is what I seek for years in DotA. It sound so good... as soon as I get the invite, I play, stream and make my Videos!


                                            Absolutely love this. HUGE props to Dotabuff and ESL! Will support both!!

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                                                ESL ACADEMY is an empty page. Is it just me? Or is it just an awesome presentation?


                                                  Fracturing players pool is not good.


                                                    wow so if i make it to top 40 i can pay 1 ENTIRE month of RENT PogChamp obviously ill have to not eat anything but thats small price to pay for being a dota pro :) shite game and fuck valve

                                                    3 inches is average

                                                      is there not a SEA region for reach or is it not implemented yet

                                                      Nitrous Oxide

                                                        Amazing Initiative...This is going to keep dota alive for the foreseeable future

                                                        Brünk Hüll


                                                          That's kind of what the pro scene is though. Perhaps you won't see all the strats being attempted in pubs, but you also learn a lot about target bans, playstyle defenses, and playing under actual pressure.


                                                            Sounds amazing - can't wait for it to come to Australia!


                                                              actually pog


                                                                please come to australia


                                                                  someone guide me to become pro player :( i have high and very high skill match ..


                                                                    restrict russians and its great

                                                                    Mb Tomorrow

                                                                      this is amazing news


                                                                        Rank 700 player here! I can confidently say, I LOVE this new system. The games are so much fun, good communication and usually at least one or two pros are in your matches.


                                                                          Your TI9 predict sucks


                                                                            no SEA region?


                                                                              RANK IMMORTAL HERE! :)


                                                                                Your TI9 predict sucks

                                                                                I Wonder

                                                                                  how do i join?