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    reach is a blessing to dota matchmaking.


      wish Sea had this too :(


        I hope this gets the praise it deserves .

        Clown Prezz

          4th - Yipee


            I lost my new dog, can someone help me find her?


              Hope the divine league actually works this time.


                Hmm im not sure if I should participate, I'm an Ancient player here but i might just roll and rofl divines I donno (it seems risky to try this for 1 month and then get stuck back in shit Valve matchmaking.)

                I don't even play ranked though for so long, every time they come new garbage patches I just quit ranked, I can't deal with these clown fiestas every time.

                67% ranked win rate past 6 months... but i dont like ranked cuz they make patches a joke every couple months it's so stupid.

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                  Do we get dotabuff Plus with our 1 month trial?

                  swap commend pls :)

                    30 min que no game gg


                      I waited 25 mins queue and didnt get any game :| How can we enjoy this great platform ? :P


                        say no to sea


                          When is the Hero Skill build coming back?


                            sea doesn't have this?


                              Noice one

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