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    first :o


      cool story but written terribly - lul.


        I believe they have found the proper balance for Ricky

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          ПОЛЮЦИЯ РИКИ


            "Cloak and Dagger is his defining characteristic, so it should be his ultimate."
            Agree. Now it's also time to switch basic abilities with ultimates for Lone Druid, Bristleback, TB, Undying, POTM, Dazzle and a dozen of other heroes.


              I don't want to bash and an analysis of the evolution of the hero through patches is interesting but the conclusion "riki is a core" is rather dumb. Riki has been a core for a long time now and is currently one of the top heroes in the meta. Maybe concluding with thoughts on where ice frog would like to take riki, and where he could be headed, would've been a better idea.

              победишь себя победишь др...

                А как же рики через молнии после введения нового ульта, автор ты что?


                  where is riki death ward?


                    Rikis ultimate was witch doctor's ultimate.


                      No mention of smoke screen no longer slowing?

                      Who's this fucking retard

                        This feels like one of my essays i'd create in highschool

                        Angry Vaseline

                          Riki is a core and he is OP at the moment. 190 flat mana cost on his spell kit (240 if u blink twice) ; smoke screen which silences in AoE and makes you miss a lot + 2 stacks escape + phasing out of the world which attacks you (one more escape) + perma invis after lvl 6 making supports life in the enemy team just pathetic... I don't know what Abdul was smoking with that one...

                          Ass and sins creed

                            Defense of the Ancients was created in 2003 by Eul. Warcraft 3 was released in 2002.

                            Only pings no flame ty

                              Right before 7.23 Riki was an actual good midlaner because of his passive hp regen coming from cloak and dagger, I used to rush diff into aghs and playing him with a mobile core in your team like mk/ember really brought him to his full potential. It sucks cuz it wasn't discovered earlier but so be it.

                              Sematosensory Cortex

                                feel like that 2 diffusal 2 hand joke is from my game. dont know, too many riki games


                                  The history of computer games is a high-IQ topic. My eternal gratitude goes to those who keep track of the changes, on the Wikis and Gamepaedias! P.S. Riki was considered pub cancer and unpickable at the pro scene level in 2013.

                                  Pawley Lequa

                                    nice build up . Pepeg final thought.


                                      Riki was one of the best pos 4's, and subsequently one of the best offlaners for almost 2 years, and you just skip that? This article is kinda poorly written.

                                      aikyu3 SuBi ♪

                                        An Archon saying Riki is OP, that's great to hear!


                                          theres lot to add in this article, riki have up and down i think it would be wise to tell which is, remember smoke does slow? and when they give enemy on smoke 0 vision? or when 5 bf riki is absurbly stronger than old ember spirit build that they had to nerf it because its too op?

                                          23#Jordan MichEUL&SKADI P...

                                            I have played DOTA before riki has been added to this game, when fountain was in the midddle of the map. Anyway author of this topic never played old versions. There is no word about 1st riki ultimate - death ward (the same as WD now).

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                                              For a historical article this covers extremely little history.

                                              There's a few things that I think should be added:

                                              1) What was riki like before the 2005 change - i.e. when he had death ward etc

                                              2) What was riki's playstyle after the 2005 change - was he picked at all? What items did he go?

                                              3) After the 6.82 change, how exactly did this translate into a new playstyle - was he just mimicking the support bounty or did he offer real damage? Notable example Boboka riki with his triple ring of aquila.

                                              4) Also significant are the various stat changes over the patches. As riki lost his permanent invisbility at level 1, he ended up getting huge buffs to base damage, regen etc and losing base agility. This changed his laning considerably.

                                              Likely honestly this article has a huge ammount of potential and could tell a really interesting story. Unfortunately this is written terribly and feels like the writer has very little insight into the hero and the only research they have done is by looking up the dota 2 wiki.

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                                                Hmm I'm not sure if I agree with this conclusion...

                                                Riki is overpowered as F now in terms of sustain, hp regen, armor... he has more starting armor than jug and more hp regen.

                                                He's an overpowered laner in general now whereas before he was really squishy, really trash other than his stealth. So I don't think you can just conclude he can't play support just because pros haven't tried it...

                                                He's probably better support now than he was before... it's just I don't play him cuz he so brokenly OP... only reason I haven't tried support riki lately...

                                                My riki games:



                                                  если что с 6.86 и до 7.23 были и другие изменения, делали ультимативный блинк с зарядами, сам скил Tricks of the Trade в один момент переработали (скил перестал бить всех в области с кулдауном удара в 1с, в тот же момент он стал бить рандомную цель с кд 0.4с что сильно поменяло геймплей и сделало 4-позицию на герое весьма удачной) так же были патчи с еще старыми дифузами, которые не имели кулдауна, дасты ставали просто бесполезным мусором против героя, как и другие скилы работающие по принципу дастов, все это в сумме делало героя достаточно сильным


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