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Just Play Better

    Hero's very sad before 12 and crys the 40% of the time a PMS drops


      I play him position 4 all the time. In ranked, i have almost a 60 oct winrate with him there.


        It's funny how KawaiiSocks' style of writing makes it very easy to recognize who the author of the article is even without looking. I really like the level of depth and the insights provided.

        Keep it up!


          Your TI9 predict sucks


            Hes so bad as support, which is what I like him for


              Pls no more nerfs, it'd break the heart of all five of us that still play him </3

              Pawley Lequa

                Always appreciated for some Visage post. I got him wr high and stop playing it after you cant do DR+ visage combo anymore. When hero is not strong as it used to . I can't help but hesitate to pick and ruin my wr.

                Ah one more thing. I liked when Visage familiar dmg decrease when hit. Not that It strong or anything Metaish but Its good variant of core hero design. Int is still about nuke and burst but this hero is about burst physical damage from familiar . That s cool for me.

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                  I play on Visage pos 3 and have 70%+ WR on divine/immortal

                  El Prez

                    still works as a greedy support pick, but you have to hit lvl 6 fast


                      Visage WR this week: -6%.

                      aaaand it's gone!


                      神羅 ℭ๏яþ.

                        When are they going to consider remake visage's scepter? Scepter: 1 more familiar, lv25 talent: another 1 more. Valve can be less creative🙂

                        Chill we got this

                          70+ winrate before visage trending. now everybody knows how to counter it. pls dont nerf it even more. =D


                            Unchanged ? Lmao.


                              I played him mid today after a long time. I was very disappointed. He can not make solo kills anymore. The damage is so weak. I was harassing the enemy hard after lvl 6 with my familiars, but the enemy was taking so little dmg... We won the match, but i had to play very careful and we got lucky cause we had a good carry.