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Mr Perspective

    hmm arguably as pos5, u probably should prioritise survival items or auras rather than aghs


      ^ That's not really what the article is discussing though; and it has often been addressed in each analysis. The priority of an aghs will always depend on the specific game.

      One Aghs upgrade you haven't mentioned that I've always found to be great is Lich's new aghs. AoE sinister gaze can be game changing.


        witch dorcter and shadow shaman? no way.


          As a pos5, aghs should not even be a priority. But the late game and rosh aghs buff secenario is differnt. Also, late game witch doctor aghs is really good.


            Лучшие аганимы на диза трента шд варлока и аббу все остальное не решает так сильно как их аганимы даже шд можна исключить из этого списка
            The best aghanims scepter are disruptor, trent, shadow demon, warlock and abbadon because if they buy this item they can win the batches yourself, maybe aghanims on shadow demon not so strong like dis, but he is still strong in different matches


              Your TI9 predict sucks