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    Was one of my favored pick when combined with PA. Now he's healer creep with some chrono/duel protection


      lovely article, thanks for noticing this hero, since he has a very low pick rate, i think he needs an ability rework so he gets a global aura ability instead of his degen aura that can make him a rather useful-situational hero atleast, similar to how CM' aura is. Liked to ask if you can also write an article about how weak Lifestealer became after the 7.23 changes. thanks

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        He was seldom picked in the pro scene all along anyway. Even back when his pub winrate was above 50%..

        1) as a support he is greedy (needs both farm and levels)
        2) as an offlaner he doesnt contribute much

        He currently is where riki was.. neither here nor there

        Acid Snow

          I've got 808 games with Omniknight, and although he used to be fantastic, now he kinda just sucks with all the nerfs he has gotten over the past six months. His spells say he's decent at fighting but that's a total lie unless you take a core role and thus tons of farm, and get two decent items: which he never does. 99% of my games with him have been as a pure support, either pos 4 or 5.

          I think Purification's cast range needs to be buffed back to 700 (from its current 400), this would make a big difference in all phases of the game. Omni isn't super item dependent to play his role, but being below average at farming creeps/neutrals really doesn't help him play much of any role other than a support role.

          If they buffed his ultimate to give him +60/120/180 bonus damage while it's active, I think we'd see him be much more useful - even if just a little bit.


            Omnis winrate just keeps getting pulled down further by the idiots who think he's a support when in fact he's exclusively an offlaner.


              I played a game as him yesterday. We won but barely. I picked him 5th after the other team already had picked Treant, Natures Prophet, Weaver, and Spirit Breaker. Omniknight was an obvious counter to them. Then they last picked a Slardar.
              Even after rushing and Aghs to make Omniknights ultimate global it was a tough win and this was vs an almost Q
              100% physical damage team. I was surprised how hard it was to win vs when I used to play him several years ago.
              He needs some speed or buffs on range or reworks. I like the global aura idea or purification range in increase.


                I don't play a lot of this hero, so excuse me if I'm wrong, but aren't Omni's level 20 talents really bad?

                +3 mana regen or -10% degen aura? Why would you want either of these at level 20?

                What if they gave him like a very small AOE Heavenly's Grace or something instead?


                  @mllcg are you actually insinuating that Riki is bad? Are you insane?


                    I remember omni mid !


                      hey make topic about sven next


                        @Pooh_Hates_Transphobes I couldnt disagree more. In fact I think that the whole premise of this article is that Omni should be played as an offlaner, which is wrong in my opinion. I think Omni should be played as a 4pos alongside a ranged offlaner like weaver WR or clinz. In the lane, Omni can soak up some damage while bullying the enemy support, not unlike an ogre would. Later on, greaves and aghs make it a very powerful asset in any team. Wind lace and any neutral item that gives cast range/movespeed are very important, but I think the reason the hero is so bad is because it is played incorrectly.
                        But im a scrub, its just my opinion


                          @godfin reading comprehension is lost in you

                          He's saying about how Riki WAS... USED TO BE. A weak core, an even weaker support.

                          haru yo koi

                            Long live offlane omniknight!

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                            Dana White Privilege

                              @godfin *WAS.


                                "Omniknight : its not enough that Im slow. I need everybody (enemy) slow"

                                But its not bad. Not everybody should have high mobility or we will end up like LoL where everyone has gap closer.

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                                Boss Meren

                                  tried to complete a win with Omni for my Cavern Crawl quest........but after 3-4 straight losses, called it quits and used a netherswap wand to swap with a different hero....
                                  absolutely horrendous omni, this patch..!!


                                    Omniknight has the highest all time winrate in the game, just go to heroes-winrate and change month to all time on dotabuff. I wonder why that is.


                                      Зашёл специально глянуть, у меня на омнике винрейт 53% и все игры в основном за последние полгода. Но Я его пикал в основном под какого то хард керри типо алхимика или хускара, заходило довольно неплохо. Но в целом, соглашусь, чтобы быть успешным сапом или тройкой ему нужен Рэпел)) а так, Я считаю Аббадона аналогичным и более сильным героем на любой позиции.


                                        bring back repel on omni!

                                        free mmr wen

                                          because i hate this hero


                                            IMO, he needs the following changes:

                                            Base Strength reduced by 2 (So he can't be too tanky in the early stage as a support)
                                            Base Intellegence increased by 3 (Obviously better mana pool)
                                            Base Movement speed increased by 10 (To be more active on the map)

                                            And Talent re-tweaks that look something like this perhaps:

                                            Level 10
                                            1) +2 Mana Regen
                                            2) +100 Purification Damage Radius
                                            Level 15
                                            1) +125 Cast Range
                                            2) - 3 Second Purification Cooldown
                                            Level 20
                                            1) +250 Degen Aura Radius
                                            2) Heavenly Grace also provides 2.5 Second Magic Immunity (Mostly to save allies from high-magic burst)
                                            Level 25
                                            1) -6.5 Second Heavenly Grace Cooldown
                                            2) +180 Purification Heal/Damage

                                            All these changes will make him fit better into the current meta and means he can be played as a POS 4 yay! Even Abaddon is faster and more reliable than him at the moment!

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                                              Reading this just after being beaten from io - omniknight duo offlane combo be like, wut?


                                                Necrophos is slow and yet he enjoys a 53% winrate.


                                                  they ruined the hero when they changed repel to heavenly grace


                                                    How about they bring back magic immunity and replace it to STR bonus. Or give his Aghs upgrade Status Resistance.

                                                    23#Jordan MichEUL&SKADI P...

                                                      The only fun omni build nowdays is radiance. Without his old ulti and repel this hero sux.

                                                      Pawley Lequa

                                                        Omni should has lvl 10 talent that +300 Purification cast Range so at least he can be play as support. still suck anyway.


                                                          make his ult just a lower cooldown 9 sec aura of Heavenly Grace's buff and give him something interesting for W


                                                            press of for omni knight we must pray for his revival