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add bow to cs2


    in other news, holy locket doesnt actually work, if you test it in demo mode.

    Acid Snow

      I'd like to get better with Pugna, I've seen him played a lot as support these past few weeks in pro games and he's impressively annoying. ...I just tend to feed a lot with squishy heroes, because I'm such a warding bro.


        "Unlike Oracle, however, Pugna is much stronger in lane, can provide more damage"

        Oracle could kill anyone just at level 3 with 3 second nuke and undodgeable root and on top of that provide a lane sustain

        On the other hand, Support pugna is more of "Someone picked mid TA so ill just swap" kind of situation. Also stronger as counter pick than an actual pick it self.


          Pugna can never be a core. He is simply too squishy with short cast ranges. Aether lens is definitely a must, and after that most go for an agh. Veil of discord, once a great item, has been nerfed to only provide extra magical damage. A force staff would always be useful in almost any situation.

          Vladimir Putin

            Pugna IS played as a core most of the time in high MMR, and Aghs is less valuable ever since ult CD got reduced from 22 to 7.

            Something not mentioned in the article is that as a support you can go euls first item instead of aether first item - as a support, you might have to if there are enemies like Kunkka or Spirit Breaker that you need to protect yourself from.

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              two big ommissions/errors - as above statede holy locket is 'broken' for life drain, secondly pugnas ulti can give mana, soo many games i have to baby ppl about how the ulti work, early tranquils (especially when you get a mango tree drop.) in close to 10-14 seconds you can give a core about 1000 mana and then top yourself up to full HP also if done with efficiency *cores full HP and not taking any 2hp or so damage from lane creep or neutrals* - the core only needs to be still responsive for 5 seconds usually is enough.

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                I agree with most of the stuff - however rushing Aether lens isnt a good idea most of the games, before tranqs atleast

                Clarities got buffed recently, and are enough to sustain mana early as a support. Tranqs regen can be indirectly shared thru Life Drain - and Life Drain gives mana too if the ally reaches 100% hp. Tranqs stack completely, 3 tranqs = 60 straight hp regen, can succ allies in fight while not dying yourself.


                  Wasn't support pugna already a thing in competitive? OG has been running that since 7.26 paired with a hard carry like spectre. You get tranquils aether lens and lots of hp (usually bracers) and your role during team fight is to just plant nether ward, then stand far away to decrep and / or life drain ur ally. It was successful enough on OG that some teams would first ban pugna against them

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                  Круассан ебаный

                    I play Pugna all the time, have 64% winrate on it. The best position for Pugna (except mid) is 4, with not greedy 3 in duo on lane. Or 3 pos with some fat 4 with me like Pudge.
                    The main problem is that Pugna is really afraid of stan and mute. On pos 3-4 you can't really be sure that the opposite team wont pick some toxic for Pugna heroes, like Drow Ranger with silence, bane or ogre magi with a lot of control.
                    On the other hand, if enemies have no effective control (we dont afraid of control like Frostbite on CM), Pugna can win solo, with no resistance.
                    About laning - Pugna becomes really annoying on level 4, and on level 6 you MUST do 2-3 kills on lane or mid.
                    Best way to play 4-3 pos Pugna - just buy Lense, (keen optic and Telescope - very good), Aghanim, Kaya/Sange, Tarrasque and tranguile boots - with this built you can stay in battle forever, deal A LOT of damage and extremely good save your teammates (with Tarrasgue you can be a Fountain to your boyz in the middle of fight)
                    BTW it's great, that Pugna is underrated. It allows players like me to abuse this hero, and the other team just dont know what to do with me, lol.

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                    Lockon Stratos

                      I tried the multiple tranquil boots + aether build a couple times, I can tell playing it as a utility support you'll want to build other items after your second tranquils. Filling up the inventory with it just sounds like overkill.


                        Your TI9 predict sucks