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    This writer @KawaiiSocks last played 2 months ago and explainin newMeta for everyone lmao.

    is it like you dont ply with ur divine acc cause u dont want ur rank fall?

    Torgo Nudho

      My coach talked me into playing Clockwerk 5 few months ago (7.26b I think) because he was popular in China. I was amazed with the utility I provided thanks to the described skill build and proper itemization. So yeah, Rattletrap 5 works but I would not pick him over some current meta staple like CM/Ogre/Bane.

      can't nerf the girth




          Eh, I've climbed to EU top3000 earlier this season, so I don't feel like I need to prove myself anymore. And I am also constantly casting Dota, so that's where the majority of ideas are coming from. Writing for two Dota sites (DB and Trackdota) + Casting almost daily makes me want to play less (and I have less free time), though I am still very much enjoying the game, albeit in a slightly different way)

          Simple harmful creature

            @WARCRAFT can u climb to Divine first before judging others?

            The article is for you to consider heroes and not forcibly pick them for games; dont get salty and blame the writer for writing.

            주 롄양

              imagine being crusadog and bashing admin for posting about meta shameeeeeeeeeee

              like he doesn't have to play, just read some patch notes + watch some games, and still have a better insight of the game than u kekw


                KawaiiSocks writes interesting articles. Keep up the good work.

                Oh no its Joe

                  crusader talk hahaha

                  if my heart had wings

                    no, it's not just crusader talk. this guy's articles don't have much credibility. would be nice if dotabuff hired someone with a bit more experience tbh :)


                      @kawaiisocks well there was a Legend writer here (who wrote about zoo meta) and readin that was such waste of time. and that made me think you just have this acc for showin up ur rank (kinda make others trust you this way) and I guess my idea was wrong cause ur writings worth very more and I didn't wanna be rude about this with all respect
                      just keep the good job goin! I appreciate it cause I know how hard it is to write dota articles and satisfy immortal readers

                      @Therion well this was helpful for me but maybe not in your level. do you think anythin missing in topic?


                        ^^ If divine games dont apply to crusader games then just say so. Dont beat around the bush. And if anyone else who likes to dispute this article pls give constructive criticism. Dont be like @Therion who does not like the above article and trashes it without giving any reason.


                          If you think you are better than Kawaii, then go ahead and apply to be a DB writer.


                            Guys, chill)
                            I might have been too blunt in my reply, sorry. Though I do believe any player at any level of play can meaningfully contribute. Dota is a very beautiful and deep game, but it is also unbelievably complex. Some player in Herald might actually know some hero or some matchup better than some Immortal player. E.g. I've played exactly 0 games on Arc Warden throughout almost 15 years of Dota and I never write about him. Nothing wrong with challenging my blogs, I actually welcome it.

                            Let's just be friendlier and more caring to each other? There is a reason our community is considered impenetrable by new players and our own attitude and elitism are to blame. Maybe if enough players in the community start being more welcoming, we are going to see those CCU numbers go up? Nothing would honestly make me happier.

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                              Laning as Underlord with Clockwerk is so comfortable, root, hookshot, cog, firestorm, right click with Underlord enormous range, boom, enemy dead.


                                @KawaiiSocks Salem, baskalardin aitkan sozderine kop man berme. Senin jazgandaryn unatamyn!


                                  imagine being crusader 1 and write something wArcraftO)

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                                    @KawaiiSocks was legit even back in the day i can confirm i played with him!
                                    most players that play alot have less insight than players that cast and analyze this game since there is simply so much information.
                                    clock as 5 is also legit btw (i have 3500ish games on clock now)!

                                    its best as pos 3, 4 then 2 then 5 can be played as 1 tho woulndt recomend.


                                      Best articles. I wonder what heroes next can be pos 5 more.

                                      The Ancient One


                                        What does CCU mean?

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