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♂Dungeon Master♂

    no pro league


      I start matches by cursing tryhards. Just play well, don't die, help team. No need to tryhard or think you're pro.


        @FatherFlanigan That's why you're still in herald bracket in 1000 matches.

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        Entertainment 7wenty

          @FatherFlanigan this game is not fun if you're not trying hard. In fact nothing is fun in that case. Why are you wasting time doing ANYTHING if you're not trying?


            HOHO-HAHA was the worst meta ever.

            6.86 was the 2nd


              ой щас бы из кожи вон лезть улучшая себя когда за тебя играет обезьяна которая ластпикает сларка в харду или дауненок на 5ке который в 2020 году не знает что нужно сделать отвод чтоб выровнять линию а когда ты ему говоришь то это животное либо сделает отвод на одиночный кэмп слабых нейтралов либо вообще уйдет с линии послав тебя ( ибо это забитое чсв животное которое после слова критики в свой адрес начнет играть еще хуже хотя он и так кусок параши ).


                if you are learning heros in ranked then you are a dick. you want to learn a new hero, learn them in unranked, don't ruin other people's mmr

                Acid Snow

                  I'm a 3/4/5 and the buddy I play alongside with is a 1/2 carry. ...The other week we played an Unraked match, just so I could get him to play Windranger for once this decade. He kinda liked her, did well with her, I plan to get him to play more Unranked so I can practice more 4/5 heroes myself that I never really practice with. Super fun, even if we 99% only play Ranked.

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                    Habit number one: stop playing Dota


                      I still love HOHO-HAHA, I feel like people still don't know how to play against this hero

                      aikyu3 SuBi ♪

                        Deep down we all know Dota is a waste of time, only losers play video games. Get a life you all, or you can still play for another 5000 hours and still nothing happen after.

                        Brad Bowyer

                          Still stuck playing Jakiro and going with 2 heroes in lane, but it is all fine. I think 3) is a good point to make for many nukers to consider, other than that no need to worry too much if all the mechanics are already in built into instinct.

                          Brad Bowyer

                            Another tip is that towers give health regen in a 700 range. So if your hp is low, try to position yourself in range of your own tower to take advantage of the hp regen. If your mana is full but hp is low, one can consider staying under tier 2 tower for hp regen instead of going back to the fountain.


                              if I like only Mirana, what should I do?


                                @aikyu3 SuBi you are the only one who needs a life here, we all here are playing for fun

                                aikyu3 SuBi ♪

                                  yeah totally forgot that dota is fun, my bad ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


                                    Problem is that playing for fun rarely = win.

                                    Bottle sealed with printe...

                                      It is always funny when a carry riki or clinkz player calls supports to ward aggressively in some dangerous places. "I am the carry and warding is just not for me."


                                        The title is all wrong. These are just bad habit all new and old players have them.
                                        As a player that is 14 year in to this game I will suggest you decide if you want to have fun or win TI first.
                                        If the answer is Fun then cool, ignore everything written everywhere and goof around in the game with whatever you like to even Techies.
                                        If you want to win TI then throw your life away and do whatever some one on the internet said.
                                        If I want to spam the same heroes over and over again that means I only like playing those.
                                        If I want to play Techies even if I suck at it then well now, what are you gonna do about it?
                                        Yes this is just a random list of things I just wrote down.
                                        You catching my drift Dotabuff?


                                          Spamming ET pos 3 got me from 4k to 6.2. Don't listen to #1, play what you like, do what you like, and remember that it's a video game and have fun


                                            @aiyu3 SuBi it is fun you dont know how to have fun


                                              привычка матерей ебать

                                              Man Blanket

                                                I'm no old head but I had a hell of a time with DotA for the last few months on an epic losing streak. A couple days ago I was doing some soul searching, reviewing my games, questioning why I even play the game. Something clicked. I can only control one hero but my impact on the game is in my hands. Push off and mid harder than the enemy pushes our lanes. Fight on my terms - to win map control, force rotations, and take objectives. Mute negativity immediately. Never stop trying. Always be learning and adapting.

                                                Something changed. A lost lane - an opportunity to overcome the odds. A lost game - a valuable learning experience. A struggling teammate - my comrade and friend. A negative teammate - a silent bot. Every win - a personal triumph. I can lift myself out of the trench. I remember why I love this game. Whether you're playing a match, pursuing your education, advancing your career, supporting your family, or whatever you do, play to win. A match isn't a game. Fuck that, a match is 30 minutes to an hour of your life.

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                                                  Tier 2 towers grant +3hp regen per second. So you are always better going back to base and bringing items back for your carry (if you ever intend on walking back and suicide isn't an option.)
                                                  Or, you ferry regen with your courier, try not to die and gain needed exp by pulling etc.

                                                  No need to camp T2's for 30 seconds just to get 90 health back.


                                                    @Man Blanket - well said my friend. Exactly how the game should be played in a nutshell. Especially on not throwing, giving up, muting negative assholes etc.

                                                    Another point I would like to add is knowing what your win condition is. If you can somehow help your midlaner snowball, he will carry you the game. Sure, if the carry didn't have a good lane, work with your other guys to make space and allow him to become the late-game win condition that your game needs. It's always nice to ask yourself, who is the strongest hero on the map right now, and how do I enable him? If you are that hero, ask your team for help etc.

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                                                      The problem is Metas arise and people know them like a Dota meme. But the idea of rotating, understanding a lost lane, giving a lane to supports to distribute experience etc . These are things that people don't even know do even in above average mmr. So if you have 60%+ of all Dota players getting mad that you're adapting to the lineup and not sticking to your lane no matter how bad it is going they will get tremendously mad and people don't realize that the choices you make are more "Sandboxy" than other MOBAs.