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    Omniknight BlessRNG


      Grim is still busted, just requires a bit of brain in skill build and playstyle.


        Dont buff sniper pls. Heroes like Sniper, Techies, Zeus and Tinker.

        Even in support roles these heroes make highground hard, games go long and it is just making the game annoying and boring.


          I'll keep saying it and hopefully it happens: Make Ignus Fatus pierce spell immunity like black hole.


            Snipe requires no skill. He belongs as a trash hero.


              брумасту апнити и пабирее ок??


                You forgot omni sadge


                  This article somehow managed to ignore the elephant in the room: Tinker


                    dota has been fun without much tinker in my game

                    Official Dog of the MDRS

                      Ignus Fatus piercing spell immunity is the most retarded suggestion I've seen all year, and I saw Donald Trump suggest injecting disinfectants to cure coronavirus.

                      Low Priority Player

                        Delete sniper from dota.


                          Compared to like 2014, Dota is much more cohesive and uniform these days, so I guess balancing it is easier now than before.
                          On the other hand, the players probably push the balancing harder in 2020 because they are a lot more experienced now than then.

                          프린스 프로스트

                            Naga siren, omni and tinker need buffs i think

                            ' mode : epileptick1d ひみつ

                              Омник? Тинкер? Разор? Слишком маленький топ. Ещё вопрос: зачем бафать грима?


                                You forget to mention the other half of the heroes that either isn't strong at their role, don't feet into any role or can be easily countered

                                beef boss :^)

                                  Grimstroke is fine, Sniper can maybe use small buffs, no major changes since he can tip over to being broken very quickly.

                                  KOTL needs buff, same with OD, maybe give OD's Q split shot for a talent to help him farm, he is way too weak and cant scale too well at all, he gets strong way too late and stays underfarmed whenever that happens vs good carries like Void or Drow.

                                  For example Drow can slow more than him for a lot less and has a shit ton of Agility + armor plus deals way more damage than him by her ultimate power spike, she has one of the strongest aoe abilities, being split shot while OD has nothing.


                                    nerf sven

                                    prichina tryaski

                                      Lycan??? 43,55% xD


                                        Nerf pudge 2020


                                          Just givv back old Kotl skillset and we gucci.
                                          + Givv back old Aghs with flying vision

                                          That was the worst day in my Dota life when the patch destroyed the real Kotl.

                                          Just another 4 Buttons hero...

                                          Zvezdnoe Leto

                                            КОТЛ и без того нормальный герой, пользоваться нужно уметь.
                                            Он наносит много урона в начальной игре (4 позиция), в средней у него уже есть блинк и все скилы. С аганимом это безумный хил

                                            Если бафнут котла я буду только рад!!!!

                                            Type V

                                              Pangolier needs a buff....He only has received nerfs since 7.21c

                                              Can't think of a proper n...

                                                Not mentioned medusa and bb? They have around 40% winrate in immortal for a reason.


                                                  Buff pudge please

                                                  даня бицепс

                                                    Just add AOE 1skill in OD and this hero will be stong.He's farm will be very faster.


                                                      Just remake riki to his old self, make his invi on 3rd again

                                                      And grim is so shit right now. He just out of league compared to other support

                                                      Centaur Warruner is the weaker version than his old self. Now u cant win any lane with him, thx to nerf to his 3rd and ulti


                                                        Ok, author right about kotl. But i thinks his talents must be reworked.

                                                        Von Darkmoor

                                                          XD the only thing proper about this post is Harbringer he truly suck ballz i would prefer a revert to old days but simple range buff in His nuke would make a HUGEEE!!! IMPACT!!!!

                                                          Rest all depends on players and Draft.

                                                          Regarding Grimstroke you CANT go Pew pew bang bang ezpzy nop freewin MMR anymore aka IMBA and since His not IMBA you immediatly want a ULTRA BUFF, fucking jokester!!!


                                                            /\ haha


                                                              I am perfectly fine with Sniper remaining unbuffed




                                                                  Can't forget Pudge, Omni, Tinker, Meepo, Brewmaster, Lone Druid... I can go on

                                                                  I Come Back To That Place

                                                                    Just bring back OD 7.22. Splash Arcane Orb is very fine for him.

                                                                    ❤️рыжая пизда

                                                                      who tf cares about shitniper? was a braindead hero all along. Bring back old meepo.

                                                                      Рыба твоей мечты

                                                                        I think Naga Siren should be reworked. It's a great carry hero with crazy splitpush and farm potential, but it's so easy to buy mjolnir or BF and kill illusions, so the hero can be picked only if there's no more than 1 hero that can buy such item.
                                                                        It is also possible to use this hero on 4 support role, but I think it destroys its potential.
                                                                        I think, valve should buff illusions or make the hero's "power pick" earlier.