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    Support riki anyone?

    Megu is my waifu!!

      3 battlefury+ agh is the shit right now. so much damage especially if enemy grouping 5 man


        Mage Slayer Riki op


          :') at the neutral item sarcasm.


            I would like to point out something interesting, that is all the hereos with invisibility have quite high winrates. Clinkz, Nyx, Riki and Bounty have high winrates of 52% and above. Also the winrates of Invoker and Weaver are not that low. This means that the meta is officially an invisibility patch. Thus you guys need to quickly position yourselves with heroes to counter invisibility.

            Zeus is an obvious hero to get straight to the job. However, he has been severely nerfed in 7.28 and 7.28a which has decreased his winrate and new items proved to be detrimental to Zeus' positioning the meta. Furthermore, with a growing emphasis on tanking, Zeus spells will fall off very quickly in the late game, proving to be a very risky hero choice.

            Next, we have Slardar, with an ultimate that can prevent invisible heroes from escaping. The problem is that his spell does not prevent invisible heroes from initiating. Furthermore, his ultimate is dispellable with any dispel , which is why some riki players started building manta.

            A good hero would be Razer, currently sitting at around 52.5% winrate. What is interesting is that he can be played in a number of positions from 2 to 4. His static link would provide vision of the target and even if riki goes invisible, or uses tricks of the trade, the link will still steal the damage from Riki. Riki tricks of trade deals a percentage of Riki's own attack damage. Furthermore, an agh shard which is a must buy purchase by Razor in order for him to have a working passive, is extremely strong against single target spells which many of these invisibility heroes have. With the addition a chance based proc of 18% on each attack, it will add to Razor's ability to cripple carries based on attack speed.

            An important part of Dota is about understanding the meta and being able to adapt to it. Razor is going to be one of the best picks this patch, and I believe his popularity will surge in the coming weeks. Now is the time to not be afraid of learning new hereos and adapting to the meta. Next article should be on Razor!

            Lola Indigo-

              is a good


                riki pos 4 played with orb of corrosion and meteor hammer,the meteor hammer casting doesn´t break invisibility

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                    you forget riki can blink out and break razor link and be untargetable during tricks (agh shard does nothing)

                    Synsa Bakee

                      In addition to Dreadnought325's post: Weaver's shard does good too.


                        Razor vs weaver and clinz ? 1 is faster and the second deal burst dmg , razor is good vs core that attack faster but doesn't deal all that dmg , for the time u suck some dmg out , the invisible bros already killed half of your team , and that ulti will do nothing to hero that just escape that easy the team fight , at this point if u wanna play a revealing hero that counters these guys is pugna , as a support 4 so u don't get focused that hard , and with a forcestaff , distriptor too is great , maybe even the new shard of leshrac if your team have a magic build dmg , the only problem are the sentry , those are quite expensive with a farming only team .. and u will get a lot of those since last patch was click patrol command and go do other stuff for 20 min

                        Entertainment 7wenty

                          "do your best to make sure Minotaur Horn spawns for your team"? WTF? What a dumb statement as you have zero control over what neutrals spawn.


                            Ohh Entertainment 7wenty I do hope that your statement was an attempt at reverse sarcasm.


                              Still too counterable. He was better when he go pos 4 instead pos 1 or 2 (Thx to his cloak and dagger as a 3rd skill)


                                Entertainment 7wenty thank you very much Captain Obvious


                                  Бритва против ткача и клинца? 1 быстрее, а вторая сделка дает взрывной урон, бритва хороша против основных, которые атакуют быстрее, но не наносят весь этот урон, пока вы высасываете немного урона, невидимые братцы уже убили половину вашей команды, и этот ульт ничего не делай с героем, который просто так легко сбегает из командного боя, на этом этапе, если ты хочешь сыграть откровенного героя, который противостоит этим парням, это пуга, в качестве саппорта 4, чтобы ты не концентрировался так сильно, и с силовым посохом, дистриптором тоже замечательно, может быть, даже новый осколок лешрака, если у вашей команды есть урон магической сборки, единственная проблема - часовой, это довольно дорого с командой только для фарма .. и вы получите много таких, так как последний патч был нажмите команду патрулирования и займитесь другими делами в течение 20 минут