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    Bh is good on any position, but if we talk about 4/5 bh - its 70% wr hero until u reach 7k mmr. His agha and shard are too strong,his base stats are too good.
    All u need to be usefull on a lane - u dont get invis until lvl 4 of a hero
    All u need to be usefull in fights - u need to track enemy heroes before fight starts to maximise damage u deal with shuriken toss.


      I missing bounty back in 7.00 - 7.06 bounty when you could transition from a 4 to a core with the level 20 and 25 talents


        BH can actually go for a blademail and tank build as a pos4. Back in the old days, his base armor was 0, and now it is 4, with one of the highest starting armor of 7.5. Strength gain was 1.8 before patch 7.06, and now is 2.5. Riki has horrible agility gain despite being an agility hero. The weird part is that BH is tanky despite having an invisibility skill which is usually best left at level 1.

        BH doesn't have any flash farming capabilities, so you have to gank for gold. So the best way to counter BH is to not die, which is actually quite easy if you get cheap tank items fast.


          tu achas?

          Pointy Shoes

            One of the best pos 4 heroes right now I think.


              phase+drum+desolator смерть любого загулявшего сапа


                my favorite hero since it's called Gondar


                  Один из не многих героев в игре, способных побеждать игры без единой смерти.

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