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    Excelent article with a very healthy and decidedly useful point of view. Some boilerplate recommendations for new players definitely don't work in 2021.

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    Dark Hunter

      While i agree to some extend that new players should be challenged. I also think they should learn how the game actually works first. What item does what, what hero's skills do. Having a hero like bristle be your introduction isn't a bad thing in my opinion. The hero isn't hard to learn, which gives you more time to learn how dota is played, how to use items, how to lane, how to not feed etc.

      I recently introduced a friend of mine to dota, and they've been rather intimidated by all the stuff to learn. So a steady approach and one step at a time is my two cents.


        On offlaners... I completely disagree about Underlord. He offers so much knowledge about the game as you are learning. He is the ideal hero to carry team aura items and utility items, which is too often overlooked in low-mid skill games, and instead you end up with a 2nd carry...

        He also offers map control and his ult is a great mechanism to better understand how to respond to map movements and to maintain pressure on the lanes. Maybe it's harder to exploit these things in Immortal games, but up to Ancient/Divine he can teach you a lot about the game. Love that hero.


          I remember when I started playing that I was either forced or guided to play Limited Heroes mode with a much smaller hero pool available. I think that mode was great to learn in - it also did not punish people leaving as strictly as in normal All Pick.


            I disagree with legion. That hero is horrible. Doesn't farm, has no wave clear unless there's a lot of units, falls behind if no duel damage.


              BB & Underlord teach you how to dominate lane IMO (I'm ~4600 MMR offlaner) but doesn't teach you how to initiate / team fight.
              However these are very good hero to solo & break the lane in lower rank too, also sometime as offlane u need to be a bid greedy too to push the lane.
              I used to spam BB to Divine then keep losing and have to play heroes in this article (tide, LC).


                Problem with BB in higher brackets is that he can be beaten up early (they overestimate how tanky they are early on) then later on he can just be ignored


                  BB for new and low bracket players be like spamming W

                  Underlord for new and low bracket players be like spamming Q whenever it's not on cooldown and maybe going for damage type due to temptaion of it's passive skill

                  Axe for new and low bracket players be like let's cut the creep wave and if we fail I will go jungle and leave the lane forever until I got blink dagger or maybe plus blade mail

                  LC for new and low bracket "Me Jungle Team Please Wait Till I Got Blink and Don't Lose All Lane or I Will Report Mid"

                  New players need to learn from coop bot first maybe 5 or 10 games before they can finding player vs player match

                  For lower bracket...I don't know maybe they need to increase their IQ first

                  Pawley Lequa

                    I can tell something different in this article. Mr. Kawaii sock might be a weeb(non offense :) who really hype up with the anime. and this article reflect in epic speech-like manner.


                      Jakiro is best for new and old players alike!


                        Tide and Axe are fine. Legion.....well, low level players would've just go to the jungle for almost 10 minutes from the start, leaving the enemy carry free-farmed.


                          Bane. The hero, himself, is very easy to play. The problem is low mmr players have a rigid 1v5 mentality and consider teamwork and communication to be an affront to their dignity.

                          Leader of the Archons

                            Totally agree with the Bristleback offlaner part, got a friend that climbed from crusader 3 to archon 1 just spamming the hero. Check out his page here . But then as the skill level increases or the hero gets banned its an automatic loss, because he's not really playing dota, its like a press W simulator and build the same stuff every game running the same items and not really learning anything. G G UNIT!!!!!!!!!!!!

                            Man Blanket

                              There are new players to DotA?

                              Von Darkmoor

                                I dont get why the facto noobs cant play vs bots to learn the game, fucking baffling...

                                I would have given My indexfinger to have that chance when i learned to play.




                                    Predicting list of easy heroes for new players to try mid:

                                    Lina (Nuker, wave clear, disabler) - teaches new players about cast points/delays
                                    Zeus (Nuker, wave clear) - teaches new players map awareness, low cd spell casting, and resource management
                                    Sniper (carry, wave clear) - teaches new players positioning and the importance of farm on some heroes more so than others
                                    QoP (Nuker, wave clear, ganker, mobile) - teaches new players about repositioning/mobility spells
                                    Viper (tank, wave clear, lane dominator) - teaches new players how to use attack modifying abilities
                                    Dragon Knight (tank, carry, wave clear, pusher, disabler) - anime protagonist can't lose... and teaches new players transformation spells and playing around long cooldowns

                                    A well-rounded list that also allows newer players to learn the sub-roles of heroes as well.

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                                    Kenny Poggins

                                      Legion is completely underrated imo. people always expect lc to just blink in and win a duel, the true beauty of lc is that she can stay in the fight with her considerable amount of life steal counter attacks, as well as the heal from her W, no duel required. Also people forget the W can be used on your cores as a dispel that gives attack speed as well as the before mentioned heal. Not to mention in the low mmr brackets a legion with blade mail and blink is a solo kill machine against most heroes, regardless of how many duels you won in lane.