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      Ping Pong Chinese

        The guy who wrote this shit probably don't play dawnbreaker. In pubs, she need two items, S and Y and Desolator and she can solo the game by one shooting absolutly everyone on your team. She don"t need any allies, this hero just need a big nerf.

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            You've only played one game of Dawnbreaker yourself >.< hehe

            Boogle Toots

              I'm not really sure why you would pick up support items like guardian greaves on her, 2 of her abilities scale with damage including her heal. Seems like greaves should be grabbed by someone else or you should just pick a different hero.

              Also armlet skyrockets starbreaker damage, and it's sustainable with her passive. In all of my games it's seemed like a great pickup

              You pretty much have to have bkb to land starbreaker consistently so i dunno what @Hatoma is talking about. Must be herald pubs you're in.

              Reticulated Python

                after 2 bracers and vanilla boots, bkb and either armlet (if vs squishies w no disable) or echo sabre (anyone else).

                go ham from there. sny and deso are decent choices.

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                  Crusader, Ancient, no difference, cant tell which position a hero is suppose to be in. Anyway, most supports eventually turn out as pos 2 or 1 when carries have a bad day.


                    >all these turds acting like Dawnbreaker should be building carry items

                    The things to laugh at never ends.

                    Papa ZEN

                      rushing a holy locket as a 4 on her and building mek vlads. This is they way. Paramedic thunderthighs


                        i knew it from the start she'd be a good 3. But let those carry weebs have their fun a bit

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                          offlaner ≠ carry

                            I buy Phase -> Vlads -> Crest -> BKB almost always when I play her in the offlane role. Vlads is such a great item on her - full heal on any medium/large camp using the 1E+Q combo. I feel like carry DB needs way too many items to work, not to mention that she needs early BKB to prevent enemies to cancel her Q (played it once, ROFLstomped the early game, but lost in the end).