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      Enigma's CD is too long.. high risk, high reward

      One Fourth of a Concubine

        Ever since enigma got dunked a 50 second cooldown on eidolons his laning stage feels super bad, not to mention removing necros made him pretty sad as it gave him a lot of tools to play with.


          The even more baffling thing about Enigma is that he's really good at winning lanes in a meta where that's very important. Fewer kill-oriented rotations from mids in the early game mean lanes need to stabilize themselves with minimal assistance, and he's a great hero for that.


            Keep increasing CD, and still wondering what is wrong? Then once those summons get destroyed you are left with nothing. Shard is pretty bad as it is easy to counter. Agh's add more damage which you are not looking for as a support. Shard should at least give Enigma an extra nuke similar to Jakiro's shard, otherwise he has only 4 skills while others have 5.

            Grim requires an extra skill basically. The shard just improves his existing skill which is kinda unreliable.

            I feel like you really need a shard or aghs that gives your hero a fifth skill otherwise you dont have the utility or damage that your team needs. Another way to balance the game is to make Dagon give like an aoe damage ability like 300 dmg with 300aoe at level 1, otherwise it is quite useless.


              Others have stated, its his big cd ult and pros can capitalize on it after its use.