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    great article.

    she let me hit because im...

      I’m sure the aghanims and the shard for Dawnbreaker will be the make or break for her in CM. If her aghs brings some sort of new utility/stun/initiation, or if her shard amplifies one of her abilities or gives her an entirely new one.


        Все минусы этого персонажа, это любая ненаправленная способность сбивает его ульт(((, хоть это будет ульта зевса или корапасы нюкса(

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        Abelman, Des

          Something I've been doing in my shit tier pubes is playing her as a position 4. She has good stats and spells early and you can build a holy locket to boost her healing without needing much attack damage. With it her ult becomes almost a mechanism with a global teleport it's pretty fun. You can save teammates from most ganks and don't even need to be close to do it. I don't expect to see this style in pro play but it's fun.


            Shard is apparently going to give spell immunity during star breaker. Will favour more coordinated play. Will be interesting to see what aghs gives!


              quite broken, dawnbreaker/tusk can delete any hero only with level 1 or 2


                А почему в статье Валера рассматривается только с позиции 3?
                Это же чистой воды 4-ка
                UPD: посмотрел профиль автора - игр на валоре: 0 :/

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