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    Good read


      “Vlads for the lads,” according to P Flax.


        Nice improvement of articles' quality lately. Well done!


          Currently going to rush helm of the overlord on my chen solo queues now. Thanks Dotabuff!


            Meta is created based on strong items in the patch, sounds logic, right? But one of the most important meta creators are celebrities. In our case pro players. If pro players consider certain items strong, they will buy them, and because they buy them, everybody else buys them. Thats the problem. And i dont really see how it can be solved. Certain items are not taking into consideration exactly till the moment when a pro buys it and shows a good game with it. I remember Topson on Gyro with diffusial, or miracle diffusial on anti mage. There are a lot of situations like that. Its even getting ridiculous sometimes. I think it will never change. At least i highly doubt about it.

            Something to say

              I feel vlads is super strong item on certain heroes like a pos 5 abaddon who simply plan to "live and keep alive" allied cores

              Leonard the Bohemian

                There is an error with hotd and hoto when it's equipped on arc warden

                Machado98 #xatubaking

                  Hey hey check your facts first!

                  War Drums Aura was removed from thunderhide camp, now we have an AoE slow and Frenzy

                  Uncle Runkle

                    I haven't seen a HotO in a single game, so yes that item most definitely could use a sizeable buff in some form.


                      HotO is a good Clinkz only item atm imo.


                        There is a bug that renders Drum worthless: when you use up the charges and try to sell it, the item just disappears from your inventory, with no gold gained. If they removed the charges and had unlimited uses for the active, with maybe a slightly longer cooldown for balance, Drum should make a comeback.