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    I agree with a lot of this articles points. Necronomicon was a problem because it was very efficient and caused big problems when the on death damage occurred for AOE based heroes. Split push or high pressure to rush down towers should definitely be a viable strategy but the problem is its either better than normal team fighting/ganking to secure kills then take objectives or it isn't. It will be near impossible to balance to where it has the exact same viability as traditional strategies.

    america hater

      i miss necro :(


        Most pushing heroes are weak but what about Visage and Brood? As far as I understand isn't Broodmother still powerful? I'm not a high level player but as for Visage it feels like that hero can escape from a gank while pushing by using aghs / shard, which are part of the core buildup most games anyway. Though perhaps that still isn't enough to stop someone from just clearing your wave. This is just a thought but maybe you could use the flying to follow escaping counterpush heroes into trees.

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        she let me hit because im...

          I feel like necronomicon could be added in two different ways

          The first way would be adding necronomicon level one, and leaving it be, allowing for some sort of early advantage, but not so much for the summons to be absurdly air tightening on the map

          The second way is making it extremely expensive and luxurious. Simply make it cost an ultimate orb and a huge recipe, such as Helm of the Overlord already does. However lock it to level 2 or level 3 with no true sight or purge, and simple have a nerfed Last Will and new passive for the Archer

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            Less complexity weakens the game; removal of Necronomicon was one of the worst changes ever made to DOTA 2. A nerf and/or price increase would have kept Zoo viable, which it should be. The current meta makes games too long and boring, favoring passive aggressive gold hoarding and too many buybacks. I would rather they remove buybacks, or at least nerf them, and restore Necronomicon.


              Keep necro offline. Reduce T2 armor/damage by a very marginal amount. Buff HotD/HotO to be slightly more stat inclusive or to be every so slightly cheaper. Diversify neutral creeps. This way, Necro is not the heart of Zoo meta, but also allows for plays around Enchant/Holy Persuasion to reinvigorate Zoo meta. Any combination of the above changes, or even 1 or 2 more additional minor changes will be more than enough to swing the viability of early tempo heroes and bring back the Zoo meta without completely swinging it. The biggest problem I see between patches is the overcharged changes that not only swing the meta, but fully shift the playstyle to only allow for select pools at a time. Honestly, what makes dota so fun is the full viability of the full dota hero pool, and I can't wait to see a patch that maximizes the effectiveness of the widest range of heroes.

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                i honestly missed lycan....


                  Necrobook should disappear forever


                    the point made about natures prophet is very relatable
                    u take 3 tier 1 towers and u turn into a global range creep


                      I propose we shrink the map and pushing becomes much easier. Or we can do a blanket nerf on all agh and agh shard related upgrades.

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                        Thanks for this article. I just played with a terrible player who picked Lycan in the offlane role, and proceeded to feed the enemy safe lane 10 times in the first 10 minutes. I bet he read this article, and then tried it in a ranked match in the wrong role.

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                          ^ herald with 11k matches...
                          I feel bad for you i guess..

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                            in my opinion, most important of all is the aghs and shard upgrades for some heroes who don't take much advantage comparing to other heroes. as @pudge mentioned top.
                            heroes like hoodwink and treant's shard sucks. they should balance SHARD among heroes first


                              They just need to remove multishot from towers.


                                I've been winning a lot of games with Helm Dom 2, I think with some cost buffs it could be a pretty strong snowball


                                  I think Necronomicon should be a standalone item, no level 1 2 and 3. Most heavy items in the game aren't effective until they're fully purchased, like Radiance. Necro was the opposite, it had a huge impact when you were just a little over halway to building it.

                                  Shakey Jake

                                    Ask and you shall receive. Big Lycan fan here :)