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I Count to J

    The buffs to NP are quite underwhelming, but I think Mage Slayer will be a very solid pickup for core NP.

    Also, I low-key think that Disruptor will be a top tier support. The buff to Q, at least to me, seems really powerful. I think the skill build will now be 4211 with an extra point of W at level 5.

    Anal Enjoyer

      BANE is back again


        it'll be interesting to see clinkz get picked for team fights ..


          I'm intrigued by the new 'Blast Rig' neutral item.

          It's a stretch, but doesn't this item somewhat punish players with auto-attack enabled?

          For instance, I was playing Techies and I jumped on a back-lining Sniper with Blast-Off. He would have lived, if he didn't immediately attack me after I pounced on his ass.

          But it makes me wonder actually how easy it would have been for him NOT to attack me in that scenario, which was the correct play to make. I imagine it's more difficult than one might expect.


            Kind of sad that they nerfed almost all the dps of supports. It is much harder to find suitable candidates for the pos 4 role. Mage Slayer is broken on some pos 4 like Windranger, immune to physical then tanky against magic dmg. Hoodwink used to be good at holding mage slayer for the agility.

            андрей пивас

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                Games seem slower?

                also, is trilane meta back?


                  Game still sucketh

                  Low APM, Lower IQ

                    Wait what? Nothing about how absurd Lycan, Beastmaster, and Chen are now with the zoo changes?


                      pudão, pudão, your armpitão. disillusioned in life

                      Low Priority Player

                        Remove attack speeds and agility from Slark's talents. Instead give strength and lifesteal. This will be more balanced.