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    Clinkz in my <3

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    Old Potato

      Least fav to pay against: Huskar

      Maz dlya Zhop

        Bloodseeker, Spirit Breaker, Slardar, Axe

        And.... Blade Mail


          way to counter him: make a side step, and laugh

          Btw; if you have more than +120 (+220 if 20th lvl talent) attack speed, you should NEVER use burning barrage to kill a solo target

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            Give them aoe, then they go skewer camps and get even fatter than ever before, while zoo meta and push strats are all dead.


              ban the clinkz


                Most horrible hero at the moment: Slark. CD so short and damage output so high: when he doesnt kill you within 4s in his ult he right punces away and comes some seconds later back when you try to escape ... to kill you... No matter how low he was while escaping, now he got full hp and half your agility. fast movement, agility steal, invisibility, dispelling all buffs and his damage output make this hero unbeatable if played well.

                Just Noob Roofik!!!

                  bloodseeker and bounty hunter

                  Uncle Runkle

                    I had clinkz in a couple of games but so far neither on my team or on the opposite team was it amazing, strong - yes, so far it looks op just on paper / statistics.


                      What you talking about, clinkz can kill all lycan creeps with 1 dmg item.