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Nice Shoes. They both yours?

    First! Nice article. =)


      Tap into the streaming community for more exposure even if the popular streamer is in another esport like LOL like imaqtpie, shroud or tyler1. That will give dota an opportunity to show its wears to another group of moba players. Also, start putting casters that have already proven to be entertaining ie. Gorc, mason, waga and bulldog not casters to click a certain identity box because we all know why certain casters are invited and its pandering, demeaning and as one said "a soft form of bigotry".

      Brünk Hüll

        1. There needs to be more games. It's completely acceptable to shrink the total time of the season in order to pack the schedule a little more as well. After all, an off season is common and well appreciated I think for other sports. But the more important point is just more games to keep it from feeling so dry.

        2. This will be controversial probably: no groupstage at TI. Every series is a bo5 to compensate, but the seeding is directly decided by points earnings from DPC. This would be a really big jump, so I would accept a stepping stone in the form of the top.....4?.....teams are automatically given winner's bracket slots and don't play groupstage.

        3. Drastically reduce the time between when all slots are decided and when TI begins. The longer you wait, the more unpredictable all teams become. All that hard work to be a good team throughout the year is unfairly compensated by making TI feel more like a coin flip than it should.

        4. Address patch release protocol. Not exactly sure how it should be, but as long as it is predictable and well communicated to teams, everyone is more on even footing.

        5. Lock in teams for a full season. Roster changes are acceptable, but if a team commits to a full year of competition, maybe give them some sort of seed money to maintain 5 players and a coach. Make it a reward for earning a slot at TI? The point is: somehow we need team consistency. We have OG, Secret, LGD, EG, Alliance, Liquid, possibly Nigma, and IG off the top of my head as series mainstays, but it's hard to build lifelong fans of dota when their teams suddenly disappear via name change or disbanding. Mousesports, teamtinker, DK, Orange, TongFu are all gone, and they would have stuck around if they had a little more financial stability.

        6. Disallow the poison that is taunting. Seeps into our games and is highly unprofessional. Get rid of all of it. Chatwheel, sprays, ingame taunts, allchat question marks. Call unsportsmanlike conduct on it.


          Direct invites is good. But idk why valve stopped the system totally. At least give defending champions direct invite..


            Looking forward to an article on the meta recap. It's nice to have a condensed report rather than try to skim the tournament's stats page.

            Nemesis 041

              I wholeheartedly agree with #6 from Brünk Hüll. All that stuff was funny at first, but it is now starting to get out of hand. Pub games were one thing, but these are completely different.

              If nothing else, it is just distracting to the spectators and even the broadcasters. All that stuff can just be disabled for those games, simple as that, problem solved.

              Thirteen mana boy

                And last, dont put winner for arcana in battlepass paywall.


                  Bo1 have been at TI since TI1 with the exception of TI4.

                  low prio master

                    Gaben here, first thing we need to think how the heck we will beat the 40mil$ prizepool


                      I think we can all agree that BO3 is better than BO1... I think more games is better at this point.

                      Where was the arcana vote this time around? And the arcana should be available by using the cash. Putting the "loser" into the next Battlepass is more than fine.

                      And why was there no immortal treasure put out during TI10? But I guess this is why we got the summer "unrelated" battlepass.

                      offlaner ≠ carry

                        Better DPC Point distribution is great, but better DPC payout is also needed.

                        IMO The International has become too big and its gravity makes every other Dota tournaments less appealing. DPC seems like nothing more than a glorified qualifier for TI and teams don't seem to put any emphasis on it after they have qualified.

                        Brünk Hüll

                          @offlaner ≠ carry

                          The International is kind of supposed to trump any other tournament though. DPC is very much the qualifier for TI, that's....that's just sports. Regular season leads into playoffs leads into finals. When teams in any competition qualify for playoffs they try less absolutely, but that shifts the focus from the leaders to the teams trying to scratch by into the playoffs. That's also great because otherwise they would get zero attention.

                          The payout is a little hard to fault Valve for apart from the distribution, but even then a team that places 16th has earned the bulk of a full year's salary for their team if not for a coach as well. Considering that a poor NFL team spends 500mil USD and profits 35mil off of that in a year, the 160m generated by TI is still pretty paltry. We have to assume most of that money is spent on the events and the anime production probably, so to increase the attention to the other tournaments would sap money from TI, and that's not something that appears feasible quite yet. If Valve finally pursues advertisers in earnest, the league would have a LOT more room to grow, and the viewership should be argument enough for them to finally take that plunge.

                          I agree, however, that more games and a more liberal spread of DPC points would encourage teams to remain consistent, which is absolutely healthy for the league. That's also very integral to the formula of a season long competition: can you be good consistently AND can you be good under the pressure of elimination?


                            Well, you can look at the DPC season this way too... There is only ONE team per region making it into The International without any DPC credits... And you pretty much lose one series and you are out. Get out drafted twice and it is over. That is quite risky... Like what happened to Nigma, Na'vi etc. They couldn't push through the open qualifiers to get that one slot...

                            So, if you are serious about getting into the "big one", you need to collect those DPC points... The DPC point distribution is very top heavy... You basically need to win to get a significant amount of DPC points and this is a bit ridiculous. Winning a tournament is always extremely hard and I would say that the top 4 teams should walk away with a significant amount of these points... All of them have beat a whole lot of teams to get so far... I know the system is created so that you don't have to be at every tournament and you can get enough points by just winning a couple of tournaments. But placing consistently in top 4 over multiple tournaments should net you enough points for a direct invite as well... It is a tough nut to crack. There are so many sides to this journey that it is quite hard to balance out.

                            You could maybe have a tournament for the teams below the top 6 DPC point teams to get the other 4-6 teams into the tournament. Invite the next 10 best DPC teams there. Two 5 team halves, playing 4 series against the teams on your side. Then playoffs for where the side A team 1 goes against side B team 5 and winners of these games would qualify for the TI. Before the open qualifiers...

                            Uncle Runkle

                              No we do not need fake crowds. Next time please just don't organize your 8 figure esports event in an antivaxxer country. Fake crowds more cringe than your average pudge mid in your pubs.

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                              dodge all spells

                                Adding virtual voices, and people shouting in random shit lol

                                Big Hons

                                  Love the BO1, just so much on the line and often comes down not only to draft but also the mental strength

                                  Altair Vega.♡BINI GWENNY♡

                                    Yeah, main stage crowd was almost like the real crowd during past TI absolutely loved it. Hope valve does fix the DPC points distribution to prevent disasters like TP that dominated two team regions just to shit the bed in TI


                                      In my opinion, a team like ThunderPredator had no business being at that TI over a team like Nigma or Liquid. I wish The International could be a tournament of the best teams, and not just the top 3 teams from each region.


                                        I just want BULBA out of EG

                                        Veridis Quo

                                          Nigma back on TI plz!


                                            Completely agree with @Brünk Hüll on #6, i've been rooting for this since 2016, when I started playing competitively instead of "for the fun of it". People take habits from the ones above them, and while some are good, taunting, tipping, chatwheeling and spraying etc is not one of them.