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    Witch doctor is really strong this patch. The incremental damage those bounces provide really makes him one of the most cost efficient farmer out of all supports. It is probably a matter of time before they nerf such an efficient skill. The heal that allows him to make use of all his excess mana in teamfights before he dies is also not to be underestimated, especially with 1 or 2 nulls, and becomes even more cost efficient after 25min. Being a high priority target shard is compulsory n can completely rekt teamfights. Those winrate numbers are quite surprising to me which makes me wonder if these people are not itemizing properly or not spamming Q out of fear their cores may need those jungle camps.


      Witch Doctor is such an interesting hero to me. Despite how drastic many heroes have changed and been reworked, WD has more or less stayed basically the same.

      You could show him to a player from 2011, and he is still the same stunning and death ward casting hero, even with the added Shard and talents.


        I feel like AA is being more played as a Core and that explains why the GPM has gone up and why the win chance has taken a hit... While good in early and mid game as a core, he doesn't do all too much in the late game... Especially when he gets jumped, he doesn't have good tool to survive even with farm.


          snap mid has been super common lately as well, it's even being played in DPC

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