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    what an excellent article from a huge brained dota player


      I can attest to the little totem being a nightmare to kill


        suport pugna wraith pact rush


          great article by one of the brightest minds in dota

          Anal Enjoyer

            blue stars are vibin here lol

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              Why not vibe with us? I am personally happy to have a great new colleague who can produce quality content)


                Guess I should start building this item, never once have I picked it up or seen it since the patch.


                  is this a good item or just a meme ?


                    I see taiga using this in major

                    Il Separatio

                      Can you put a timer on Aghanim's Shard on the "Buffs" aspect on the pro post-match pages please?


                        THANKS, great article, i dont know about
                        Pugna has ward magic resistance reduce
                        im seriously thanks brother, love to see more article bro


                          eh Kawaiii, u should let other can contribute at the blog here too
                          theres 1 million immortal here that can giving contribute article too

                          Vuvuzela Virtuoso Hans Ru...

                            this guy are nerd


                              Items great only issue with it is point booster kinda sucks ass to buy..

                              But it's a worth while sacrifice


                                How can I work for dotabuff? I was once 1600 rank sea had to quit cuz of college now started playing again now I'm divine 5


                                  boy did this prediction come true! Hefty nerfs coming up :)