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    Tried Overthrow 3.0 once in the 8v8v8 lobby and it was laggy, it probably wouldn't be as bad in the smaller teams.

    Seven Nights

      Yea I should play some. Been a long time since

      Nemesis 041

        Horde Mode Updated and Guarding Athena Hades are the two games I'm strangely hooked on right now, and both are being updated rather frequently. (Though the Horde Mode dev is midway through a two-month break on development).

        And if you really miss Aghanim's Labyrinth 2, there's not one but three versions of it to find, one vanilla, one that has more heroes, encounters, and even bosses, and one that's... just imba lol.


          Dota run is cool


            Can't sleep on dota run, it's too good when you're in a discord call

            frances maya

              12 v 12 was fun till the p2w bs took over every game

              Ultra Instinct

                dota 1x6

                Merky Chumpis

                  Always enjoyed the endless/hoard modes. The 10x10 modes were insanely chaotic fun while they lasted.